Hide Plans- But a Bit Restricted


Okay, let's say you have a nice, sort-of-small, cave-like hide, and an idea comes to mind that you want to balance something on it to create a small crevice for your betta to hide under. I realize I could go with drift wood, but considering this is my first tank I'm not sure if I want to do that. Unless it's store bought but I've only found driftwood meant for reptiles, and I'm not too confident I can use that.

I'm thinking I could find some sort of tank decoration and that can comfortably lay over the hide without too much trouble but that'll be difficult too find. What kind of insight do you all have?


I'd want to see photos of the tank and surrounding area to see what kind of angle of view the tank has (my display tank has 270°).

As for driftwood, the only option I know of other than REAL wood, (that looks like a real log) is from Universal Rocks.

Other than that, it really depends on the scape of the tank. Plants, rocks, wood, etc, just depends on what the rest of your tank theme is.
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