Hide And Seek

  1. Luke Harrison

    Luke Harrison New Member Member

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick one

    Couple of days back I added a bristlenose pleco to my tank
    Not seen him since last night

    At the moment I haven't moved bits about looking for him

    How long should I leave it before moving everything and upsetting the others to look for him ?
  2. James17

    James17 Well Known Member Member

    I don't own a bristlenose but I don't think I saw my Rubberlip for 10 days after I put him in the tank.
  3. emma

    emma Valued Member Member

    My bn pleco disappears too. And he's fantabulous at it. I go days without seeing him. He gets real creative with his hiding places too.
    I usually hunt for him during my weekly clean.
  4. Mike1995

    Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    i have a green emerald pleco. At first i didn't see him for days but gradually he is getting used to human interaction
  5. BittenByTheBug

    BittenByTheBug Valued Member Member

    I bought two albino BN plecos two years ago, and I used to see them both but after a year I only ever saw the one. I assumed the other one died and I just was unable to find the body, so I just did water changes and hoped for the best.

    Then the other day I tore that tank down completely and transferred it all (fish, plants, driftwood, sand) to a tank twice as big. I felt defeated as I definitely did NOT see the second one at all. At ALL.

    Then I went and got five "green dragon" BN plecos because they could keep the one company.

    A week later I'm looking in my tank and I see what LOOKS like the very end of an albino BN tail poking out from a nook in a piece of driftwood. I could see the other one elsewhere munching on some algae. I was like, "hold up. This fish has been in here for a whole freaking year, and I never saw him??? And he just clung to the crevice in this driftwood and transferred to the new tank and I AGAIN didn't see him?!?!" I added more hiding places and eventually he managed to come out and I saw he was all grown up. Just SUPER shy. Holy cow.


    So anyway, they're pretty hearty. As long as your tank's parameters are doing ok, your pleco is probably fine, too.