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    Hello everyone,
    Just a little about my tanks, I currently 6 tanks, 1 low tech planted tank, 1 high tech planted tank, 1 I don't really know yet tank, and 3 shrimp tanks these are all planted too :) In my 100l low tech tank I have 3 ottos 10 cherry shrimp 1 betta fish, 6 neon tetras and a bamboo shrimp. In my high tech tank I have 5 green neon tetras (all the shop had) and I'm currently having algae problems because my nitrates are too low. In the shrimp tanks only one of them is stocked and thats with cherry shrimp, in the other two I'm going to get fire red cherries (for one of them) and possibly crystal red or crystal black shrimp, also I'm probably going to replace the regular red cherries with blue pearls or snowballs. If theres any other info you need just ask :)
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