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Hi, I'm Coltact! I'm somewhat new to the aquarium hobby--essentially started off on Valentine's Day with my fiancee fixing up her old 10 gallon tank.

She had grown up with working with aquariums with her mother, but personally I had never seen the allure of them--until, that is, we set up our first 10 gallon together. I was immediately hooked; I watched countless youtube videos, read countless articles, and stumbled upon fishlore more times than I can imagine as I looked up different questions and concerns I had trying to learn everything I could and researching different fish and their interactions together.

We had planned to get another small tank, but began researching, planning, and budgeting for the eventuality of getting a large tank in order to keep a fire eel, 2 Oscar fish, and 3 bala sharks.

About a week later, we found a 125 gallon tank that came with the tank stand, a Fluval FX6 Canister filter, a reverse osmosis water filtration system, and some decorations including driftwood, rocks, and a plastic rock structure being sold all together for only $850! We jumped at the chance, and named it "The Grand Undertanking"!

We now have four tanks--the original 10 gallon, which has assassin snails, various shrimp (My fiancee is enamored by the shrimp--They've grown on me quite a bit, too! Our favorite is a bright yellow one named Jean-Luc!) and a couple guppies! (Pharis, Versailles, Azula, and one of their children: French Fry!) We also have another 10gallon, housing our betta named Mariposa (He wasn't doing too hot, his top fin is still healing, but he's been making bubble nests in his new home!) Today, we set up a 15gal tank for the guppies to thrive in once it's ready--we were considering using the shrimp tank as a sort of maternity tank for the fry once it's all set up. The fourth, as I said before, is our 125 gallon tank, "The Grand Undertanking"--it currently houses three bala sharks (Locke, Shock, and Barrel) as well as five mystery snails: Harry, Gary, Larry, Terry, and Jerry. We'll get our oscars and fire eel soon (I know it's not big enough for when they're all full grown, so we'll either be upgrading them to a larger tank together later, or separating some of them when they get bigger.)

Anyways: That's the brief history of how aquariums have taken over our life the past two months--this forum has been a great resource throughout all of it, and can't wait to be a part of it!
Welcome to Fishlore! We’d love to see some pictures, if you’ve got any.
Welcome to fishlore! If you are going to get into the hobby, go all out! Excited about your new tanks.
Welcome to fishlore! We love pictures!
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Thanks for the warm welcome! I actually don't have many pictures--but here's "The Grand Undertanking" while it was cycling! (Featuring my three legged husky, Valerie!)
Welcome to the forum. It sounds like MTS (Multiple Tank Syndrome) is running rampant.

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