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    Hello, I just joined today, I have a huge obsession with Bettas! I have owned them off an alarm for 10 years but only recently started to learn the correct care for them that they need. Looking forward to learning lots! I have two females and 4 males! Working on setting up divided aquariums to make my heaters/filters a little more economical... This is Mazda, she zoom-zooms around all day!

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    What kind

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    Greetings and welcome to Fishlore :)
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    I’ll always love betta and I can say your obsession is well placed!

    Have you considered trying a sorority? It’s one of my favorite ways to keep betta.
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    Yes I have!!! A sorority sounds fun! I know it is super involved but thinking of breeding.. Working on getting the correct set ups!


    Thank you!!!

    I have a Male & Female Crowntail, I love the Crowntails!!

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    How cool!
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    My vicious boy, “Fish Stick”
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    He looks like my fish pie