Hi - pregnent balloon molly?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Molly' started by hannah2016, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Hiya everyone. I am some what new to fish keeping, the only experience i had previously is helping my sister with her 100litre freshwater tank. I also have my own tank now, which is a 55 litre starter tank with a few fantail guppies and a few swords.

    Now the introsuction is over, i could really use some help regarding my sisters female balloon molly. I think its pregnent and have been researching rapidly about balloon mollies breeding so we can look after the fry. I’m super excited at the prospect of baby balloon mollies as a few years ago we had an unexpected batch of platty fry. Unfortunately only 1 survived, and managed to live in the gravel and plants until big enough to survive the bigger fish.
    so, here are some pics of the molly - is she pregnant? If so, how long do you think

    The pics aren’t great, i know, but its the best i could do.

    I bought a breeding box that floats in the water, if she is pregnant, how long until i put her in it? also how long should i keep her in there? any extra information would be greatly appreciated.
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    she looks like it! or she could just be fat! if she is pregnant she could give birth at any moment. i wouldnt get your hopes up too much because the fry are hard to look after if its your first time raising them but good luck anyways.