Hi Newbie here.


HI my name is Liz and I live in the UK.

Have been lurking for some time, so thought it was time I joined,so here I am.

I am fairly new to fish keeping and have read a lot of interesting posts on here which have helped me loads.

No doubt I will have a lot of questions to ask so please be gentle with me. :

Look forward to being part of the community on here.

Thanks for reading. ;D


Welcome to FishLore! We like questions so ask away.


HI lLiz. I hope you enjoy FishLore as much as I do. Lots to learn, and some very helpful folks in case of problems. Have a great day!

Fish in the Frozen North! -4F thiis morning. 8)


Heya Liz.. welcome to Fishlore, and don't hesitate in asking your questions.. there's always someone with enough experience and know-how to give you good advice.

@ Susitna-flower.. seems a tad chilly in your neck of the woods!..LOL.


Hi, welcome to fishlore.


hI welcome to fishlore, we will try our best to help.


HI Liz, I wanted to answer your question posted in another area, got called away, now I lost it.......Hang in there and don't fret. If you do have ammonia, just do a 50% water change. You have to get the ammonia down from 1 or it will scorch your fish. Ill find the other thread and answer on that one.

Fish in the Frozen North. 0 F today 8) The IDIDAROD SLED DOG race restart is happening today in Willow Alaska. If you are interested, check out KTUU they will be having photos, articles, updates, and videos all week.

Richard: I was setting in my nice warm house last night watching last years Ididarod race, and that REALLY was chilly! We are currently under high pressure here in Alaska, sunny and cold. The race is going to be going through about 1049 miles of -10 to -50. That IS NOT figuring in the wind chill. They run day and night. This past week where my husband is working (DenalI National Park) it has been consistently -40 at night warming up to -10 daytime......Better them than me!


Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us!

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