Hi! Newbie here :) Black Moor rescue


Hi. I am a relative noob to aquariums and fish. There was a very sick and neglected Black Moor at my wirksite who I have adopted. I have named it Gorgeous George, though I suspect it is female by body-shape, as they have gotten healthier. I had no idea how long they can live!

Tank was a high half moon 10 gallon with spiderwood. No air or filtration running, extreme algae, and the fish, about 4" body (not counting tail) length was stranded in about 5" of that water and getting gashed on the spiderweb.

Had severe finrot (mostly cured monitoring new growth and for any signs of repeat. Had horrific ich, severe swim bladder disease, and parasites, flukes you name it. Still has major popeye issues, though have treated internally with Kanaplex and Focus in food and epsom salts in the water. I also use aquarium salts to about a 2.0 ppm concentration. Could use some advice there!

George is currently in a 10gal long tank in my kitchen. I am pi king up a 39 gal tank in the next week or so. As a note, the old tall tank is running with some feeder goldfish and snails and has just completed the nitrogen cycle, so will be using some of the substrate and extra floss I tucked in the filter to try to speed this hospital tank now that I can confirm the other tank is safe and free of disease.

Just added Parzipro for the flukes flashing. Did a 90% water change before, using tank thermometer to guarantee the same water temp.

Have done a ton of reading here and decided to join.

I feel like I have done a very good job of learning and providing the best meds, care, etc. The only issue is the nitrite-nitrate cycle being so sluggish with the massive water changes to keep up with the ammonia his waste creates.

I have used a combination (over time) of in-tank meds and in-food meds. By the way, George LOVES garlic! I press it and soak it in hot tank water (blanch, soften) and mix the chunks along with the garlic water with mashed peas, pellets Focus, and whichever med we are on.

I feel like we're almost over the ICU critical care. George is healthy but flashes like crazy and has a few scales scraped off on an airstone bar he uncovered. No signs of infection, just waiting for the scales to grow back.

Anyways, glad to meet you all ND Tha you to every contributor whose threads have kept me sane throughout this journey. George has been here about 4-5 weeks now.

nice to meet you all!



Rose of Sharon

Welcome to Fishlore!!! It's great that you rescued George; he looks wonderful!!! You have done a very good job with him!



Welcome to Fishlore!!! It's great that you rescued George; he looks wonderful!!! You have done a very good job with him!

Thanks! It has been a lot of work! I have some crazy pictures of how sick they got before getting better! Was pure white with Ich at one point! Butterfly tail shows 1/4 inch of new growth, although the tips are white and confusing because you have to look really close to see that it is just growth, even margins, no fraying. The worst tear is about 1/2 healed but the webbing keeps growing! That tear was over 2" deep! I can't believe we have made it this far. The best I could do for a hospital tank was 10gal, and it's a lot of being on top of the ammonia.

Really appreciate your reply :)


Wow I am so thankful you rescued him!!


Wow I am so thankful you rescued him!!
I REALLY wish my son and I took pics of the tank. We had to empty it and haul it up 1000 foot cliff (incline elevator broken. It was terrible. I had not been to the site in 4 months due to health issues. I could not believe the darned thing was still alive! His pleco was, too,but met his demise while scooping the gravel out for weight.

Georgie Porgie Puddin Pie is a fighter like I've rarely seen.


I have an off habit of rescuing animals and people. Animals are easier than people lol.

My hubby is now "in charge of" the tall 10 gal 1/2 moon tank this fish was in when it was a 1.5" fish at the Big Box. . It seems to do his PTSD (prior military, 3 tours in Iraq) much good.

I anticipate needing an outdoor pond soon for the 4 comet feeders...

TLDR: THINGS I wish I knew before lol and fish are soothing AF, except for ammo and nitrite spikes.

Apparently I adopted a fish with the lifespan of a child in my home. So be it. George has ALL the personality. George is lonely, though, so 39g for noe (space) with a few select "friends" will be yheir hime in coming weeks.

George always kisses the tank near me when I am near the tank, like ridiculously. Not sure how them googly-mooglues even see anything, but George always knows me.

Guess I'm in it for the duration!

Full Disclosure: in 1999, I had 5gal tank for my littles to watch, but the internet was far less helpful then and had a lot of tank death. Now I know why!

Thanks, nice to meet you!



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Good job and well done!


Thanks! George today: (bigger's really rembinctious and hard to photo)

last hurdle (I hope) is the flukes and continuing popeyeTX, other than cycling tank. Since the other 10gal is cycled, gonna steal some media.

I also call George a bad name Because of course...

Tips photo


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❤️ He looks so happy in his new clean home. Glad itis working out for everyone.


It is! Just a ton of WC to keep up with the ammonia in the small hospital tank. I don't mind (My back gripes and sometimes I want to ignore it and go to bed ) but Gorgeous Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie keeps me motivated the fish seems incredibly social. Always comes assisting whenever I am near the tank.

I live with chronic illness. This fish inspires me. Also forces me to sometimes ask for help, which has not been my strong suit

Set up another air stone to oxygen since tank is salted and has prazipro depleting the same element.

Also got my PTSD hubby emotionally invested in his own little fiddles, another total win!

Am feeling very optimistic about getting a bigger home cycled. The cost has been shockingly high to date, but I'm pretty resourceful and creative. Still so much to learn!

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