Hi! New Member & new to hobby :)


Hi - thought Id better say hello! I'm new to the hobby but getting reeled in rapidly because I'm really just a science geek at heart. Its just me and my 5 year old - I started because she wanted fish but am continuing because I'm hooked ha ha!

We established a 65l tank at New year which contains 4 Mollies, we thought we had a boy and 3 girls, but realised rapidly its one of each so we have found a more reliable retailer with knowledgeable & helpful staff! Even the 5 year old can tell that there are fry cooking too.....

Then my daughter saw a guppy and wants one. I really don't want to overstock and need to establish more appropriate molly numbers. So I accidentally bought a 200l tank

Which I have planted (today!) and I am now waiting to see how well the plants take. I'm pretty new to all of this but have a really good grounding in the basic science so am journalling and experimenting a bit.

I found out (too late when we had already started) that we live in a soft water area (the first shop gave no useful advice about hardness or pH - I've learned it all rapidly). However I have the 65l stable at pH 7-7.5 & have had great advice from the second shop we have befriended. They are helping me with parameters and no fish will move till I've got things ok.

Once we have switched I'm gonna up the molly numbers a little first, then add the guppies and then see how we go. Will probably have a school of tetras in the 65l.



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Welcome to Fishlore! Here we love welcoming new members and seeing photos of your tanks. Your setup looks great.


Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore.

The tank looks really nice, great job.

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