Hi! Love planted tanks and bettas.


I'm working on my first tank right now, a 7.5 gallon cube. Going to grow Anubias nana petite on a dead bonsaI tree and make a carpet with some seeds I bought from amazon(fingers crossed, lol). It's probably going to be a while still until I get my betta. I'd rather accidentally kill some expensive plants first by goofing up.

I haven't had fish since I was a kid but I'm glad I'm getting into this hobby as most people seem really friendly and positive. Something anyone could use right now.

Resisting buying every recommended thing you hear about is hard to do in this hobby too, haha. I'm just going to stick with my setup that I have for now and try to work around any problems


7.5 should be a decent amount for a betta. I assume you know about tank cycling? Welcome as well!


Most of the gimmick products in this hobby are just that. Gimmicks.


Post pictures when your tank is blooming in growth!


HI Noodles, welcome!
there is a section where you can keep your tank details (and pictures) updates and add it as your signature. Feel free to check it out.
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Would enjoy seeing your tank's progress, I am going to start a planted tank in the coming months and will face that same temptation!

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