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Hello everyone! I’m new to this website and fishkeeping and need a little help. I have an empty 45 gallon tank with a hang on back filter for 30-60 gallon aquariums. First, I’ve heard of various ways to cycle fish tank and wondering which one you think works the best. Thanks!


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There are 2 ways to cycle a tank- fishless or fish in. The latter requires a bit more care and attention but you get fish right away. The former requires some patience but not as much attention is needed.

Fishless- i think you are aware of the nitrogen cycle from your profile? You first dose ammonia and continue doing that untill the tank is cycled- thats fishless in a nutshell.

Fish-in- You add fish but you must do water changes daily to counter ammonia- which is toxic- that fish make.

Both these methods grow your beneficial bacteria, which then you have your 'cycle' complete

I prefer the fishless as I try not to expose fish to ammonia/nitrite

Again, welcome to the forum!


Thanks finalfins! I will look into the nitrogen cycle on my profile. I completely forgot‍♀️


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