Hi, I'm Janelie.

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    Hi everyone, my name is Janelie.
    I'm not very experienced in fish keeping. As I am still very young, I'm being patient and waiting until I'm done with school to explore the realm of fishkeeping. I have one female Betta fish named Bertram. I got her as a baby from Petco, she was labeled as a baby boy but as she got older and as I did more research, I have concluded that she is in fact female. She is currently living in a one-gallon tank, but I plan to move her into a ten-gallon tank soon. I've had her for almost a full year (which is the longest a fish has survived in my house). I'm very proud to have raised her and I'm super attached to her and love her very much. She is the reason I joined this site. Thanks so much for reading my little intro, I hope to learn more about Bertram and about fishkeeping through my experience with this site. :)
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    Welcome to Fishlore Janelie!!!

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    Welcome to the "Forum"
    Plenty of "Veteran" Betta keepers here to help. Definitely upgrade as soon as you can.
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    Welcome @Janelie !!! Definitely upgrade ASAP!! Do you plant to get a heater? Betta Fish need a constant temperature of 75-78 degrees Farinhite. I would love to see a picture of your fish!!:)
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    Hello, and welcome to fishlore!
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    Welcome! Yes, betta pics, when and if you can, please!
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    Welcome to Fishlore!!!!! Lots of Betta folks here to help you out!!!!
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    Already upgraded her last night! Thanks for the concern. Pics coming soon!! :)
    Also yes, she has a heater, I turn it on during the winter since my room is usually pretty warm this time of year.