Hi I Need Help

  1. hermitdude Initiate Member

    Hi I have 2 new hermit crabs about to get 2 or 1 more... I have 2 ones from may (don't read if u don't care when I got those 2) and today I have gotten 2 from ocean city maryland(I'm back in philly) but I got them cause they were to small in that wooden house cage with 6 jumbo climbing over him. And the other one I felt bad for so I just took him. Here's some details lol (the cage was 12.99... so the lady who loved small ones gave me a free samdall shoe box and poke huge holed in it. And me and family left.) So I got home unpacked and checked them for mites and there clear! And the sad part....... I saw that they had very small shells and they are painted but I have good sized shells for them just in case they molt and so I WANT THEO OUT THOSE PAINTED SHELLS CAUSE ITS BAD
  2. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Leave the good shells around the tank and just wait him out. If you read anywhere that damaging the shell will force them out and you want to do it - don't. Just wait it out.

    How big is your crabitat, and what are your temps? Humid enough, yes? Are your salt and fresh water dishes large enough for that many crabs? If you have significant experience caring for them, go right ahead - but make sure your crabitat is adequate.
  3. hermitdude Initiate Member

    I would never Crack a crabs shell and humidity 79 heat 80... 10 gal
  4. hermitdude Initiate Member

    Just used all salt water gonna get some tomarrow fresh water is good
  5. hermitdude Initiate Member

    Just used all salt water gonna get some tomarrow fresh water is good
  6. odelayheehoo Initiate Member

    Lots of times when I brought crabs home from the beach, they would bolt for the SW (saltwater) and soak in it for a day or more. Then when they came out of that, they would go straight for the food.

    If you go back to the beach this summer, maybe bring some empty milk jugs and take home some seawater. I used to keep it in the fridge for my guys. Nothing like the real thing -- they were so spoiled!

    I've found that shells with mother-of-pearl on the inside are very hard for them to resist. Actually I've got a stockpile of old turbos that I'd be happy to mail if you want. Some of the green turbos have a mouth 2" wide -- I had some big ole guys! :)

    Yeah those painted shells are ghastly. It used to freak me out when the Ecuadorians would modify their shells and the shells were painted.

    Best of luck and happy crabbing!
  7. hermitdude Initiate Member

    OK but I don't need u too mail it but thx
    I'll ask my parents to next time
    Do u have a group chat of crab owners? I Need lots of more info
  8. odelayheehoo Initiate Member

    In 2001 I co-founded the Hermit Crab Association, and they have a great website: hermitcrabassociation.com. I'm sure the many people there will be happy to help.
  9. hermitdude Initiate Member

    It seems deserted there on taptalk...and I would like to be able to post there
  10. odelayheehoo Initiate Member

    Hmm, I saw a lot of action on Emergency, Molting, and some other forums.

    When it started we had problems with some Guests causing flame wars, so we made having an account mandatory if you want to post.

    Seriously, we had people anonymously post junk like how to cook hermit crabs, and how we were all stupid for loving these 'lame' pets. So that's why it is members only can post.
  11. hermitdude Initiate Member

    I need the account plz be free.... and those people are dumb idiots cuz hermit crabs are great pets that make a good hobby and r cool and sometimes funny
  12. odelayheehoo Initiate Member

    Just register, it isn't difficult. Maybe thru your web browser instead of Tapatalk I don't make the rules over there anymore, so I can't change them.