Hi from Oklahoma

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    I was looking ::) thru different Fish sites and this one looked friendly and had some good information so I thought I would give it a try!! Being a somewhat new to the game I am always looking for good information. It is funny that every website I looked on for information about Dwarf Gouramies gave different specs about their suitable ph levels, temp, ect. So now I don't know who to believe. About 4 years ago I took a Marine Biology class and we took care of a Saltwater aquariam for a semester, but that seems like forever ago. I have a 10 gallon freshwater tank which is currently housing 1 male dwarf gourami, 5 neon tetras (Had 6 tetras until one just recently died) and a snail. I want to add one or two more additions in my tank, without 'of course' overstocking. I was thinking a female dward gourami, not to breed, but just to give the male a buddy. What woud you guys recommend. Sorry about the long intro!! Hopefully I can get some good feedback ;D

    - I also am going to post some pics of my tank in the pic category

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    Yeah - it's always a good idea to check many sources - especially online. You might have a hard time finding a female dwarf gourami. I have about 10 pet stores (small and large) in my area and none carry the females. If your tank is fully cycled I would recommend adding another neon tetra or two. I really like seeing a school of neons dart around.

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    I'm from Oklahoma!! ;D ;D
    I've had fish from almost 2 years now.
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    Welcome Okie!!!

    hehe Glad to 'see' you. I'm new here, too. :)
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    HI, I am from Oklahoma also, origianlly from England, had my fish for 4 months, they are wonderful.