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hI there eveyone, I'm Nicola. I'm a newbie so any tips on keepin my little fish friends happy and healthy would be greatly recieved. I have had my tropical fish for a year now, everything has gone well so far but I do have a problem. I have posted my question, so any replies of ideas would be a great help, as sometimes you ask the people that you bought the fish from for help don't understand what you are talking about or can't give you an answer!! cheers all

2 white mollies
1 black molly
2 rosie barbs
2 guaramis
6 neon tetras
5 rainbow tetras
6 black phantoms (1 black with red fins?)
2 angel fish
6 cherry barbs
1 bronze catfish
1 albino catfish
1 red tailed shark
1 plec


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thanks, any ideas on my pregnant rosie barb will be great I don't know what to do!! >


Sorry, I can't help you. I never had them before. My specialtys are livebearers.


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Welcome to Fish Lore Nicola How large is your tank?


hI my tank is a 65 litre tank


Welcome aboard.. you're sure to get all the info you need to keep your little fellas healthy from a really great bunch of people from all over the world.


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