Hi Everyone! Yes I am still alive!! :)


Hey all! Sorry I've been neglecting the forum for a while. Been so busy with school and track season. Heh...well hopefully I'll have more time to get on here now that the school year is starting to wrap up.

Well, I hate to just SHOCK you all, but I actually do have a question! ;D Actually just a quick one... how often do you replace freeze dried bloodworms? I did think to write the date on the container when I bought mine...I think they may be getting a bit old now.

Fuego, Cas, and Dorado say hI to you all.


good to have you back. Was a bit of an extended absence. Know how you feel, I still have track, and finals coming up.

I'm not sure on your question, I don't know if it doesn't say ont he bottle as I don't use them. Somebody else will.


I'm not certain on it, but I don't think i'd keep them over 6 months. we have some we have to toss actually.


Any food should be thrown out after it's been open for 6 months. It just looses too much of the vitamin content. That's why it's best to always get the smallest container possible.

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