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  1. K

    Kia Initiate Member

    Please bear with a complete fish newbie here.
    At the end of this month my partner and I are planning on buying an aquarium.
    It is 190 litres - corner unit so quarter circle shaped.

    Ultimately (I know I have to add them gradual) I would like to add:
    albino gourami
    paradise fishes
    sucking loach
    bristlenose catfish
    neon tetras
    cherry barbs
    silver sharks

    should I add any one sort first (or last)
    should I forget about any particular fish because of the others?
    should I add a particular fish?

    Many thanks Kia xxx

  2. f

    fletch Member Member

    Before adding any fish Let the water cycle on its own for at least a few days. Add a water de-chlorinator to get rid of all the metals and chemicals in the tap water. Turn the filter on to cycle the water about and add some bacteria (you can buy this at a local pet store) to start of a culture in the filter (this will consume all amonia and nitrates, which are bad for your fish).
    To start off with, only put in the more hardy fish to get all the chemical and biological processes going.
    In the first few weeks only add                               tetras,

    Dont add too many at first either.
    the only compatibility difference I think will be with the sharks.

  3. OP

    Kia Initiate Member

    thanks fletch!

    I had been prepared to "cycle" the tank for around a week before adding any fish. And only to add a few at a time and to monitor nitrate levels and make sure they are low and stable before adding anything more.

    Much appreciated.

    I've a local very helpful source of fish from a specialist centre - their fish look fantastic - they have some rather large fish (not for sale) also.
  4. j

    joe Member Member

    um kia you are supposed to cycle it for at least 2 to 3 weeks