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    Hey everyone, new here, Also New Manager At Pet Traders, The fish section never looked so great! Hard work pays off! I've been doing this for 10+ years, And I love aquarium life, brings peace and comfort. I've got all new tanks being set up as we speak and new fish orders along with live plants and new inverts!

    My question is, I have 5 huge fish I have never seen... They look like Danios, or a type of barb..
    Can Giant Danios grow to 5 inches? Ive never seen it but these fish I've got look so much like them. The goldish spots, Lateral lines.... they have barbels also.. ill try and post a pic soon as I can.

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    A picture can help, I believe giant danios grow up to 4 inches

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    I have some royal danios that can supposedly grow up to 5"...

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