Hey there, I'm learning I didn't know things I thought I knew


I got into the freshwater hobby approximately 5 years ago. At the time, I saw a tank I liked (20 gallon hex) on sale, was misguided by the big box pet store employee and bought some Glofish tetras and Glofish danios. Fortunately I knew to dechlorinate the water, but most people know this and I happened to buy the correct numbers of fish for the proper schools. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the nitrogen cycle or bioloads for tanks and only learned about it when fish started dyeing. I immediately started my adventure with a steep learning curve that lead me to purchase a 45 gallon a few months later as it had the correct tank space for the bioload of my fish and a better foot print for the danios then what a hex could provide them. I thought I had gotten pretty good at the hobby as I had a well established tank with my fish thriving and even a couple of plants too, as of early this year. However, I sold my house and moved to another state so I gave all my tanks (By this time I had few tanks), fish and equipment to a close friend who was in the hobby as a teen with his dad and wanted to get back in it. Seemed easier than stressing about moving my fish and their tanks some 500 miles. He's since done amazing things with them - Like some serious aquascaping. Now that I'm settled in NC I decided I wasn't done but I don't have room for a large tank so I decided on a nano tank. I have a 7.5 gallon cube that I'm finding way harder to stabilize and cycle than my 45 gallon ever was. My end goal is to have a shrimp tank with possibly a couple snails - though that will depend on where my PH ends up stabilizing at since I used fluval stratum as a substrate since it said it was good for shrimp and plants and didn't realize I'd be battling to stabilize my PH this way since stratum lowers your KH. I've learned more about the nitrogen cycle this past week when I already thought I understood it and in the past few months have learned so much about PH, KH and GH. These weren't ever really on my radar in my tropical community 45 gallon as my PH was always stable from the beginning.

Anyways, my recent adventure into a nano shrimp tank led me to Fishlore to seek advice - which has been more helpful and enlightening then I thought possible. So thanks guys! I appreciate the environment of teaching and advice giving instead of attacking people for not knowing things when they are on forums to learn (I've seen this way to much on other forums and I find it counter intuitive to teaching someone).

Also I would appreciate it if anyone knows of any good LFS in the Raleigh, NC area. I've only found one that I like (The Fish Room) - It has like 4 store fronts but it's still the same store. Where I lived previously I had a huge selection of stores that I would frequently browse like a person does at a department store.


Hi welcome to FishLore!!
One of the great things about this hobby and forum is the exchange of information. Where we learn new things or a different way of doing things.

Even those of us stuck in our ways can learn from new people who come into the hobby open to newer ideas.

Good luck with your shrimp endeavors! We have sevral members who can help along the way.

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