Hey Red! My fish room!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by critter_fritter79, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. critter_fritter79

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    It has been a day that I could never have predicted. I woke this morning to 2 different disasters! I lost one of my sweet oscars, and the 55 gallon hex that I had my little goldies in had sprung a leak!!

    The living oscar is the small one so I decided to do some tank juggling... I drained and cleaned the 55 that had been the sorority tank and put the oscar in there..she seems to be doing great in there so far!

    I also drained, cleaned and redecorated the 75 for my betta girls. That is the new sorority tank. Due to the leak in the hex, I had to put the goldies in the 75 too, but that is only until the hex dries and I can find the leak and fix it. In addition to the betta girls, the other permanent residents of the 75 are 5 cory cats, a pleco and the lone angelfish. Aside from the goldies, this is what had been in the 55 sorority. The girls seem to really love all the extra space and new hiding places!!!

    Here is s short video of the fish room with some close ups of my boys and the new improved sorority tank... The video isn't great at all cause my crappy camera won't zoom in video mode and has a hard time focusing on anything... but here is my fish room...commonly mistaken for the living room!!

  2. Red1313

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    Wow sounds like you had your hands full over there this morning :eek:

    But YAY!!! Video Tour! :p
    See I may be biased but it looks like a fishroom to me, I don't why ANYONE would mistake it for a living room :p You can have couches in a fish room too. ROFL

    Whatever you want to call it, it looks great Critter :)
    All you're babies are adorable (Love the MG's) and the girls look to be doing well in their new and expanded sorority :p
    Give that naughty Multi Boy a :nono: from me.
  3. bolivianbaby

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    Wow Critter! I love your tanks! You have some beautiful fish!
  4. harpua2002

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    Nice work Critter! :)
  5. Martinismommy

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    Critter, can you come video my fish room now lol......Good job! One question though, where will you put the 1000 jars you're going to need soon!
  6. cajunfiberco

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  7. OP

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    LOL MM!! I only took a video of the living room/fish room...I didn't get any vids of my bedroom!! I have some serious heavy duty shelves waiting for jars!
  8. Aquarist

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    Good morning Critter :;hi2

    Beautiful fish, tanks and fish room! Thank you so much for bringing us into your home. Living Room? I didn't see one :) Just a wonderful fish room! lol

    I have one concern:
    I noticed the Bettas that you have sitting on top of one of your larger tanks. I'm afraid that the weight of them may cause your center support bar to snap. (just a note of caution)

    Sorry to hear that you had some of these :;frumoments and for the loss of your Oscar :(

    Thanks again! Great job :)
  9. peacemaker92

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    Love your tanks! Thanks for sharing, Critter :) Made my day :;hf haha What living room? The couch is for... 'Viewing' the tanks! That's why it's called a fish room!
  10. Tigerfishy

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    Thanks so much for sharing critter! It was great to have a little peek around, I love seeing all the fish. And yes, the couch IS just for viewing purposes...
  11. OP

    critter_fritter79Well Known MemberMember

    I have actually re-arranged things again...that seems to be my favorite activity next to water changes!! I ended up having to move the 55 out of the house...thanks to a certain 5 yr old and a baseball....I am taking the remaining oscar to a new home tomorrow as I don't have the funds to replace the tank right now...but I will have full visitation rights!! I put 2 of the divided tanks on the stand the 55 had been on and moved the couch a little so now it isn't blocking the tank views anymore!! All the cups are back on the shelves and the top of the 75 is once again clear!! It sure opened up the room to have that 55 gone...once again, I look for that silver lining!!
  12. Red1313

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    Ohhh... baseballs are a dagerous item to give to 5 year olds ROFL
    Glad to hear about the plus side to everything though :D
  13. Charlemagne

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    You have an awesome fish room Critter! I love the sorority tank! You did a great job of arranging it! That's one of my problems, can't seem to arrange a tank attractively. Thanks for sharing! I finally got around to taking some pics of my betta boy. Hope to be able to put them on here soon.(IF I can figure out how to upload them onto the computer! Cameras are not my strong point, lol)
  14. OP

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    here is a pic of part of the room after I rearranged it....again!

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  15. GoGreen

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    Thank you for sharing! I remember reading about your oscar, I hope the other one is going to a great home.
    That's a real bettarama you have going in there, Wow, lovely looking little guys.
    So nice to have a couch conveniently located in the fish room so the fish can watch you.;)