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    glad to beapart of this thread because I am just recently re-starting my fish keeping. 24 now. had a 55 gallon when i was about 12, so its been a while.

    i have a new 30 gallon i am getting set up, but for the time a 10 gallon with 4 small redtail sharks and 2 columbain sharks.
    the tank was set up with the rts for about 4 months and last week i got the two col. sharks and two plants, not sure what the names is, look like tall grass.

    somehow i got a bad case of ick from the 2 fish or the plants. i am in the process of treating with alittle higher heat and some ick sure from the store. did two 25 percent water changes.

    found a great article on ick

    any other help or info on ick and red tail sharks would be great. this is a awsome forum. lots of help here it looks like.

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    im sorry your fish arent feeling well...:(
    and im also sorry to say , but columbian sharks get to over a foot big and a 10g tank isnt going to help them a bit ...the 30g wont even hold them....

    but the 30g will be great for your rts ..they like allot of hiding spots and are territorial buggers ..so dont keep many other bottom feeders..he wont place nice...

    2 weeks of the higher temps, with 2 gravel vacs a week to get the ich spores out of the subtrate, as well as extra air stones for the lack of oxygen the fish get in warmer waters, should get rid of the ich ...but it will continue to come back with the fish in such a small tank...good luck in whatever you decide!

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    Not to be the bearer of anymore bad news but Columbians grow up to be a brackish water fish. Around 3 to 4 inches, some maybe more, they need the salt in their water or they will develop a skin infection. It happens very quickly and it will kill them in short order. I found this out the hard way with 1 of the 2 that I had.

    Hoover, the survivor, I took to the local LFS. He began to develop the same skin issue. Marine salt added to his tank, and within a day he was much healthier and happier.

    I'm going to guess that you read the same thing I did on the lil sign at PetSmart or PetCo or Wal-Mart, that I did. "Max 6 inches in length, freshwater fish."

    Just another bit of false advertising eh?
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