Hey Guys Really Small Aquarium...

  1. Manjit Member Member

    Friends I reacently found a very small aquarium in my store room... which is 1ft long 1ft wide and 1ft height...
    I want to do a planted tank with a single betta...
    But it doesnt have anything to keep a cup filter... So what kind of filter should I use...?
    any suggetions...
  2. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    What do you mean by "cup filter"?
    An air powered sponge filter or a HOB filter turned to its lowest should be okay.

  3. Manjit Member Member

    the one in which a motor sucks water and throws it above in a box in which a filter media is kept... through which water falls down...
    That is called cup filter in our parts
  4. Manjit Member Member

    will those fit in such a small aquarium... or they will take too much space...?

  5. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Air powered sponge filters don't take up much space in an aquarium and require only a air pump to drive it. HOB (hang on back, and probably the "cup filter" you are talking about) filters only have a intake tube into the tank and the rest of the filter hangs on the back of the tank.
  6. Manjit Member Member

    ok... thank you..FishFish221