Hey guys im looking for some beautiful pond plants.

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I am looking for some beautiful pond plants such as; water lily's, or any other plants that would benefit fish and my pond.My pond is in a part sun and shade mostly sun all day long. Looking for something that my fish can hide in.
Any suggestions or opinions would help greatly
thank you and talk to you soon
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Unfortunately, I know nothing about pond plants. Did try a search up in the forum search box? There's usually oodles of threads on everything from poo to nose picking in there! I'm sure some pond folks will be around soon , too.
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I don't know anything about ponds but I did find this link. Hopefully this will help you out.

Edit: If would fill out your profile it would help others better help you with future questions.
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Depending on local restrictions, and the type of fish you have in your pond . . . . .

water lettuce
water hyacinth
parrot feather

I have water lilies in my pond. One plant can spread to fill the whole pond. Mine is yellow - none of the other colors continue to grow in my pond - the yellow seems dominant. There are a wide variety of colors in water lilies and in lotus.

Water hyacinth, water lettuce, and duckweed are all considered invasive here in Arizona, which is a bit frustrating. They do so well here (which, of course, is why they are "illegal" here). My goldfish love to eat the duckweed (I get it from a friend of a friend occasionally). Water Hyacinth blooms a very pretty purple.

Parrot Feather is great if you have a shallow area for it. It has feathery foliage and will spread across the surface of the water. It does grow "up" from the water, but will tip over if it is in deeper water. I had some in my waterfall and it did great in the cooler weather, but it died out in the summer. It was just too hot here.

There are a lot of different pond plants - it all depends on what will do well in your area. And what fish you have (since they will probably try to nibble a bit).
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Pickerel Rush - Pondeteria cordata is really easy to care for and sinks in the winter and comes back in the spring grows pretty fast with big broad leaves and pretty purple flowers you do have to think it out if your pond is in full sun it does grow pretty fast in the sun but my fish love it
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Thanks guys.. and gals
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Please don't be rude.
zombiecat03 is correct. Please use the search feature.
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Sorry I didnt mean to be rude... won't happen again.
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Good morning,

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Check out the Umbrella Palms. I have several of these and Love em!

Being on a septic system, I've planted these in the gray water field area of my yard. Great bog plants! The place I purchased them from, a local plant nursery, had them in their ponds. They get huge up to 6' and they also bloom.

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awsome their really cool I'm def. getin these
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Assuming you have a shallow area around the edges for any of these two:

-Papyrus: there are many varieties to choose from ranging from the giant King Tut Papyrus like might be found along the Nile to dwarf papyrus if it's a small pond or container garden or...

-Horsetail rushes (I've been told it is recommended to grow this in a container if you do not wish it to spread) They look like a minI bamboo and like papyrus can be grown terrestrial or as a bog plant around the edges of ponds

ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1430704947.554511.jpg
The papyrus looks much better when it fills out a little more as it grows.

ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1430705007.382786.jpg
Large container of Horsetail. Personally I think small containers if round or one long, narrow one if not, or just letting it grow au natural with no container at all looks better than a giant, overpacked tangled container like this but you get the idea. These photos were both taken at the local Sloat Gardens store.

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