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    I'm new to fishlore, but have been keeping fish for about three years now. Didn't expect to be in the hobby, but I inherited a 5" common pleco, 4" common goldfish, and a blackfin tetra when my grandpa died. Apparently there were five more tetras in the tank before, but he was in the hospital a while and no one was able to take care of them. I found them when I was clearing out his apartment and decided to take them in. They were in a 15 gallon tank that was covered in algae :(. Started researching and soon realized that it was compatible so of course immediated got mts and it all grew from there. Ended up with a total of 11 tanks ranging from 10 to 75 gallons within six months with all kinds of fish. I have reduced since then because of the time needed for all those tanks but still have 6 up and running (all freshwater). My fish include the original goldfish (8in now) and pleco (13in now), danios, gold gourami, koy angelfish, polypterus senegalus, red wag platys, corydoras, Otto cats, and also adopted another pleco (about 7in). I love the hobby and my fish. Well sorry for the novel, but this is my introduction to you all!
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    Hi! No worry’s (this actually isn’t that long of a post as you will soon realize). Welcome to fishlore! I am also a sufferer of MTS having 12 aquariums ranging in size from 5-130 gallons.
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    Haha well now I don't feel so bad. I wanted a 125 so bad but don't have the room to put it. And of course I knew I should've walked through my fish room because I forgot my mom's betta and my 5 black moors. Whoops . Is the 130 for your oscar?
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    Hello, and welcome to fishlore!
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    Welcome to Fishlore!!!
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    Thank yall! Idk why I haven't joined before. Been using this forum for years