Hey! Any Guppy Tips?


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Hey guys,

I haven't kept a tank in quite awhile but I've always loved them & have been researching & following the hobby online instead.

However, I recently took in a unwanted guppy (the lone survivor) from a terribly maintained classroom fish tank and it's really brought me back into it. He's doing amazing so far & while I'm trying not to get too attached considering his past, I'm looking forward to where this takes me & will hopefully be getting him some new friends soon

This is my first time keeping guppies so I'm still learning their behaviour & his quirks, is it normal for a guppy to need his food basically pulverized to eat? I realize they're super tiny but he will only eat near the top of the tank & his flakes must be ground down & bite sized or he seems to get tired of chewing on it & will spit it out & not even attempt to nibble it down. He does not peck near the substrate if anything falls, just kinda ignores it. It's kind of amusing but also strange to me... Is he just picky or? He's otherwise ravenous about feeding so let me know what you guys think of this or if you have any tips


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If he is the only one in the tank then less than a tiny pinch crushed between your fingers are necessary. They are usually along the top and will usually come to the front of the tank once he gets used to you expecting food so be sure not to overfeed. What size tank do you have him in and is it cycled?
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