Hey all!


I'm new here and am learning so much in the past day! Wanted to introduce myself and say hi! My name's Heather, my daughter Piper started with a betta her sister bought her and now we have a 2.5, 5, 15, 35 hexagon were rebuilding and a 38 I'm setting up now. This started a month ago

Needless to say, were really enjoying the hobby and fish.

Here's a guppy who likes to show off...


Hello and welcome to FishLore! Nice guppies.


Thank you. Can I ask a question? Why can't I see pictures? They just come up as HTML coding.


That may be something to do with your browser setting maybe? Try re-loading the page, but if that doesn't work, are your Java settings turned on maybe? If you right click the (i) or the lock symbol next to the url, and allow popups? sometimes that works for me..?

and Hello! Feel free to ask anything fish related (or otherwise in the appropriate thread section) We're a community chock full of information and experience. .


I use chrome or the app. I do have Java enabled, I just checked. Maybe I'm too new to view photos?


Not trying to hijack, but I didn't realize there was an app. I'm downloading that now. Thank you!


Yes! You need the app, I love it!


Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore. They are very nice Guppies. I also see that you learned fast with MTS!


We wanted more fish and as we added, we kept upgrading. Even ended up with a freebie snail somehow. Lol

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