Hermit Crab Update


so here's the update to the whole hermit crab thing. I am still ticked at my aunt for getting me an animal without at least asking me about it.

so the first is what the poor thing was living in. all that was in there was sand, cypress bedding and two shells (one for food and the other for drinking sponge), along with some extra bedding and hermit crab food. she claims that the pet worked for my older cousin, and that they always had hermit crabs as pets. not gonna lie, they are pretty cool to have so long as you take care of them right.

so, the next day me and my dad went to petsmart to get zoo med's starter kit, along with a hideout, some shell (that are probably to small), and those fake aquascaping plants that make good climbing material, along with a under-tank heating pad. we also got him a friend as recommended.

I feel like the heat source that I have still isn't cutting it (it gets cold in my room during the winter), so tomorrow me and a friend are getting a heat lamp, 25 watts specifically. wish me luck, cause i'm going mad at this point. any advice can be helpful.
Looking good!
Hello, good to hear from this topic again!

I personally wouldn't get the heat lamp, they tend to dry out the substrate quickly because of the bulb.
Instead, you will have much better success by using an under tank heating pad, which goes on the back or side of the tank above the substrate.
Your substrate also looks dry to me, and if it is, then you need to mix it with dechlorinated fresh or marine salt water to a sand castle consistency.

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