Here's my fish themed pumpkin!


So for this year I decided to carve a fish themed Pumpkin, and here are some pictures of the finished result.

I originally tried to carve a Trout using a template... but it didn't go so well so I decided to use the other, not so pretty side to carve somethig a bit more simpler.
My Mom gave me the idea to make some 'seaweed' like plant designs on the Pumpkin so I used a flathead screwdriver and a hammer like a chisel to peel a bit of the skin off and made a few plant designs

I also used the same screwdriver to add some bubbles to the fishes mouth...

I looked online and found some much better fish themed Pumpkins, but I like my design, not too complex, not too simple...


That's awesome!


I love this with my whole heart


Nice! Are you going to make it a jack o’ lantern? ValerieAdams is a pretty good carver too.

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