Here's a new algae I've never seen before

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So... just when I thought I knew all the algae types... I get this stuff:


I see the "green spot" algae on the front glass, that's easy to clean... and I see a little bit of the hair algae on the dwarf sag leaves... but that olive green "fuzz" is new to me. And I haven't found anything online that definitively describes it. Any ideas?

Little background on the tank... 10 gallon, started it at the beginning of June. Planted. 1 Betta, 2 Ember, 1 Otto, 1 Assassin. I am certain the cause was a drop in CO2. When I first setup the tank, I attempted to use one of those Fluval Micro-Co2 kits. The plants grew like gang-busters. The Bacopa so much I populated a whole other tank with it's clippings, and the dwarf sag quickly carpeted it's side of the tank and I found myself cutting runners weekly to stop it from taking over.

But those fluval kits are awful. I never could keep the bubble count constant, it would just randomly depressurize, so I decided to try and ease the tank off the gas... I didn't need a small tank growing like that and the plants supposedly did not need a lot of CO2. But that's about the time the Dwarf Sag mostly melted back and I got this olive green fuzz.
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It looks like hair algae you can pull it out yourself
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