Here 'tis - my reef 65 Gallon Tank

  1. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Well I know we all love snappy snaps of tanks, so here's my 66G (250L) Reef. It's still a baby at 5 months, but it's coming along nicely (I think)

    Happy to take comments/criticism/questions.......... enjoy :)

    20120410_004.jpg 20120410_001.jpg 20120410_002.jpg 20120410_003.jpg

    Left Photo - My PJ Cardinal (top right of photo), Blasto, Elegance (cat), Bubble corals, morphs, zoo's and a leather I think :;sh

    Right Photo - Bubble Tip Anemone, Green Star Polyps, more zoo's, Coral Beauty, Percula Clown, and my lil Six-line Wrasse
  2. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    Ooo! Very nice!

    What kind of lighting do you have on it and how deep is it?
  3. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    and a few close ups

    And a few close ups. In this group, Coral Beauty, Red Line (Skunk) Cleaner, Tropical Abalone, Percula Clown Pair

    20120205_012.jpg 20120205_002.jpg 20120205_003.jpg 20120205_004.jpg 20120205_005.jpg
  4. Lupinus Member Member

    Great looking tank!
  5. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Lawnmower Blenny and Flamehawk (that's mad as a box of frogs :giggle:)
    20120205_008.jpg 20120205_006.jpg

    The tank is 2 foot deep, with Inwatter Stingray LED 50/50 white/blue, powerheads are Tunze 6055's (rest of the details are in my info)
  6. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Nice looking tank Ryan. Does the hawkfish ever mess with your cleaner shrimp?
  7. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Thanks Mike. Not that I've witnessed so far. The shrimp were in the tank first, and have a fairly good guard on their 'home'. They stay fairly hidden during the day (as shrimp do), and the Flamehawk is more interested in the open spaces, rather than swimming through the rock crevices etc. I still have all 4 of my peppermints too :;hf

    Typically, the Flamehawk just sits and watches things happen, he knows the routine, and rockets toward the top for feeding. I guess he's learnt he doesn't need to hunt for food :;dk
  8. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Ooooo Ryan! I really like it!
  9. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    That looks amazing!
  10. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    What is the blue thing in the center?
  11. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Thanks Lucy/Shawnie - appreciate the feedback.

    Lucy - the blue thing is the overflow weir. I went for a centre weir, many prefer the corner style, but I'll be building up around the weir, so in time, it'll disappear.

    Oh - and it's nowhere near finished yet, more hard corals to come (fish stock is complete though)..... muusssstttt sstttaaaayyyy patient :giggle:
  12. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I have a few friends who are saltys. They are like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I dont care how many times/hours ive watched their tanks, I ALWAYS see something new LOL . Or like a deer in headlights. I just cant stop starring at them. Wish they didnt intimidate me so much!
  13. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    They're not that bad really. Proper research, quality equipment, I thankfully haven't had any problems as such. Still learning a lot too, but haven't lost any stock in the process (phew, given the price of some of my specimens).

    To be honest, discus and mbuna's intimidate me the most ;)
  14. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Its funny how we all have a different comfort zone. :) Im still in awe of your tank and have looked at the pics numerous times LOL
  15. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    naawww, thanks Shawnie :;hug2

    Don't get me wrong, salt is out of the comfort zone a bit, but I found once I started, I felt like I knew what I was doing. All the research, and more than research was the understanding of what I was doing, not because a forum or guide said "do this, and you'll need that". I tried to find out what each bit did, how it helped etc. I think the biggest thing going from FW to SW is understanding (or getting your head around) filtration, once that clicks and makes sense, you're on your way.

    Judging by you x 'n' fry.... you'd be more than capable, don't sell yourself short!

    Oh - and for any followers of this thread, my setup is simple, I have the basics, no computers or 'fancy' controllers (ok I have a controller on powerheads, but it's not fancy just alternates them), I don't have drip by drip additives (kalkwasser), I don't have a calcium reactor, I don't have a nitrate reactor, nor a phosphate reactor. I don't have a refugium (in the sense of macro algaes, just a extra live rock rubble in it). All I have is some powerheads, Live Rock, a sump (for volume mainly and to hide equipment etc), a skimmer and that's pretty much it. I'm happy to chat about the setup if you want, and why I chose certain things.

    EDIT: And getting your head around the size of a natural reef! When you appreciate the environment you're trying to replicate, and try and relate it to a small aquarium (in comparison), you start to kind of understand the whole thing too.
  16. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Update - I went shopping

    Hi Everyone,
    Well I went shopping yesterday, and got some acro's and other hards.

    Don't mind the algae in the corner and along the base, it'll be gone this weekend ;)

    Here's a few snapshots:


    20120426_002.jpg 20120426_003.jpg

  17. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    Oh, and I took a few actinic only..... pity the shots don't do it justice




  18. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Truly a majestic tank. Someday! ;)
  19. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member


  20. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Nice pics ryan!