Here they are - two tanks

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    Hopefully I have fiqured this out. I am trying to add the photos of my bettas and tanks. In the divided 20 gallon left is Petro, middle is Flame and right is Tsunami. Petro is a black ct, Flame is a red ct and Tsunami is a (?) male betta blue w/white tail. This is my first attempt so they are blurry but I should get better at fish photos. The second 75 gallon tank has "the Rosie Gang" 5 minnows and two black moors, Finnery and Todd. In addition this tank will house three Orandas when the right ones call out to me.
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    My fishies

    Okay, I'm trying this again. Not sure how I went wrong. I did it!

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    :) I merged your threads.
    I'm glad you got the pics figured out. The tanks and fish look great!
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    Oh thanks Lucy. I tried deleting one but no luck.
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    Beautiful tanks and bettas! I'm so glad you got it sorted out. :)