Here is my 10 gallon...

  1. Falcon JJ Member Member

    This was my first tank, and it started life as a glo-fish aquarium as you can probably tell by a couple leftover glow plants, and the blue led glo-light. As time went by I switched to sand so I could keep cories, and ultimately it became a regular tropical tank instead of a glo-tank. It's crazy to think when I first got it, it seemed huge to me (lol).

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  2. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Is that an endler in there? How many corydora do you have?

  3. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    look in his profile :)
  4. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    So simple and easy. Thanks! :)

  5. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    nice looking tank. How do the endlers and guppies get along?
    where'd you find your endlers?
  6. Falcon JJ Member Member

    Thanks! They get along fine. They both stay in separate schools the majority of the time. On occasion they interact (flirt/dance) but there has never been any aggression from either side. And they are all male so no chance of crossbreeding. I found the endlers at my LFS. It's a small family run shop, and they do special orders. Somebody had ordered some but didn't take them all, so I took the leftovers. I have seen them at Petsmart on occasion too. Maybe they are more common here (Florida) than other places? :;fb