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    Hello everyone.
    My buenos aires tetra is nipping the other fish in the tank. Then all of a sudden, my betta flared at him and nipped him! This fight is still going on, and I am not sure about what to do about it and how to stop it. Answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    First thing would be to remove your betta from the community tank. Male bettas do not make good community fish, especially with nippy fish such as some tetras (buenos aires, black widow, black skirt, etc) and barbs. If you don't get your betta out of there, with that nippy tetra in there, he'll end up losing most of, if not all, his fins. :(

    Do you just have the one buenos aires tetra? If so, they are schooling fish and need to be in groups of five or more so that they pick on their own kind and leave other fish alone, and so that they feel safer. It could be that he's feeling insecure without more of his own kind and is acting out because of it.
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    I absolutely agree. Great post, Paige!
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    It is not a male betta, and it gets along fine with everyone. I cannot get anymore tetras because the tank is fully stocked. The only other place my fish can go is to my mom's tank, and in it there is a gourami who will fight a fish to death. What should I do? Should I send it to it's death or leave it?
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    I didn't say female betta. I said MALE betta. Males DO NOT make good community fish. I've tried it with platies and guppies (some of the most peaceful community fish you'll find...and it DIDN'T WORK), so I'm speaking from experience, not parroting what everyone else has said.

    If you can't get more tetras, then I would say get rid of the single one. Take him to your LFS and see if they'll take him for credit. His aggression is just going to get worse, not better, if he remains by himself.

    And regardless of what you do with the tetra, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove your MALE betta from your community. PLEASE!
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    I also have another buenous aires tetra in the tank too but it nips the other.
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    Alright. So you have two buenos aires in there. Still not enough to make them feel secure. If you remove your male betta, you will have room to add at least one or two more tetras (depending on your filter, you could even add three and still be okay) and that should help, if not cure, the aggression.
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    Thanks for clarifying that it is a female, and not a male betta, Jack. Every fish is different in its personality, and although Paige keeps stressing that male bettas don't generally make good tankmates, sometimes females can be just as aggressive. I agree that your mom's tank is not suitable for the betta.

    My suggestions would be these:
    1) Buy a 2.5-5 gallon tank (filtered and heated) for your betta girl to enjoy by herself. She'd love the space, and bettas can sometimes be stressed by tankmates. Most like their human for company the best. If you already have a quarantine tank that's empty, it may work.
    2) If it is not possible to get a small tank, please consider taking the aggressive tetras back to a store. If not there, maybe your mom's tank or a friend's tank would be better than yours. If neither of those options is good for you, please consider rehoming through Craigslist in your area.
    3) If the above suggestions don't work, then rearrange the decor. Maybe it will break up territories. If you don't already have it set up like this, add decor and tall plants to break up line of sight, and add a couple of hiding spaces.

    My concern is that since there are already issues, someone could end up seriously hurt or dead. I strongly urge you to rehome either the betta or the tetras. If money is the issue for a new tank, Craigslist will sometimes have really good deals.
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    My bad!! Totally didn't see that he had changed the "it *isn't* a female betta" to "it *is* a female betta"! I apologize for continuing to assume it was a male.:;smack

    I agree with Meenu in that each fish is different, though. I haven't had any problems with any of my girls in a community tank (with platies, guppies, neons, cories, kuhlis and an upside down catfish), I have known people who kept females who were unsuitable in a community tank. I did have one female who couldn't stand delta tail guppies, though. The moment I put one in the tank with her (only did it once!), she latched onto his tail and WOULD NOT let go, even though she was half his size.
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    I looked into the tank, and I think the problem is solved! Thanks everyone!

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    The problem's not going to permanently fix itself, the fish are probably just exhausted from fighting nonstop :(