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    hi all can any one help i have a tank it has shrimps which i belive are pregnant i clean my tank yesterday fully and it was fine i woke up this morning and inside the breeding hatch i have some fry but stuck to the inside of the breeding tank is like clear jelly with lots of air bubbles in it may be eggs any idesa wot this could be eggs would be surpriseing cause there noting in the breeding hatch other than a few live plants peices anf mollie and guppy fry any help would be great
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    Good morning Wane,

    Hopefully one of the members will be able to help you out before too long.

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    I have never raised shrimp but I am sure they are like most other species on here. How long has your tank been set up and is it cycled? Also you said you cleaned your tank. Did you clean the filter to? If so how did you clean the tank and the filter?
  4. ilikefish

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    That is snail eggs... more specifically (I think) ramshorn eggs... You want to remove them or you will have 5 million of those things running around!.... goodluck!

    Oh and Welcome to fish lore!!!
  5. Elodea

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    Actually, I would leave the snail eggs in the tank...the eggs are actually pond snail eggs. Especially in a shrimp tank, small snails such as pond snails and Malaysian trumpet snails are very beneficial: small enough not to push the shrimp around, hoowever, excellent scavengers.

    I would like to politely disagree with Ilikefish that there will not be 5 million of them - the population should stay in beneficial numbers. Stories of MTS and pond snails overrunning an aquarium are only from fishkeepers who overfeed their fish. If you feed too much, this equates to more food for the snails, then their population explodes.

    Here is a very descriptive site on the care and breeding of pond snails:
  6. ilikefish

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    My shrimp tank is heavily planted so i don't add ANY food... and my tank is being overun... : ( It's not my fault promiseee... so im not so sure about your overfeeding theory : / but I must say in my non planted tank with guppies there are snails but they are definitely not overrunning the tank... I guess Its the plants that are feeding them some how?
  7. Elodea

    ElodeaWell Known MemberMember

    Pond snails rarely eat plants, but they could be eating dead shrimp and algae in the tank.
  8. ilikefish

    ilikefishValued MemberMember

    there are NEVER dead shrimp : ) (keeping my fingers crossed) but there are the sheddings... could they eat that? also there is some key word some algae but so minimal that i don't ever clean it... but I guess there's probably micro algae or something...
  9. angelfish220

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    I have also experienced the snail invasion... with no wrong on my part. The best I can tell you is to squash them if you see them.
  10. Elodea

    ElodeaWell Known MemberMember

    Aww, why squash them? I love these invasive snails (MTS especially), as they are small enough to eat rotting organic matter that would otherwise form "toxic pockets" of ammonia in the gravel.
  11. ilikefish

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    I believe he may not be able to speak english 100%... If this is the case then props to him. just saying... if I couldn't speak english I would still post giving it my best...