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Discussion in 'Reptiles' started by LizzyCupcake, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. LizzyCupcake

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    I have a yellow belly turtle and a peninsula cooter. They are both about 4-5 inches long and 2 years old. I recently moved them to their new 75 gallon tank and I started noticing some odd behavior from one of my turtles. The yellow belly keeps vibrating his claws at the cooter. This behavior is constant to. Whenever I look in the tank “He” is harassing the cooter. I know that the male is courting her. I also know that my cooter is presumably a female because of her short claw and stubby tail compared to the other turtle. But she is nowhere near sexual maturity. So here are my questions:

    Should I provide a place for laying eggs?
    Should I separate them or get rid of one?
    Can a peninsula cooter mate with a yellow belly?
    Can the male kill the female?
    Should I do nothing?

  2. Rowan

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    Yellow-bellied sliders and peninsula cooters are not in the same genus, but some quick Googling did turn up a few anecdotal reports of slider/cooter crosses, so... maybe?

    This site has some good info about housing turtles together, and preventing and recognizing aggression:
    Housing More than One Turtle in the Same Tank

    It sounds like the safest course of action is to house them separately, and the turtles are not likely to miss having a "friend" around. If I were in your situation and had the space available for separate tanks, that's what I'd do.
  3. BReefer97

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    You should seperate them. They can absolutely kill one another. And yes, they can mate given the opportunity.

    It’s frowned upon to hybridize reptile species because it dilutes pure bred animals.
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