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Hello all. New to the aquarium world and trying to narrow down what type of fish I want to go with in the tank. It is a 63 Gallon rimless with a Fluval 407 canister filter. I'm set on doing 2 electric blue acaras in the tank. Have been doing a lot of research trying to also have a set of schooling fish and another species of interest. I've landed on the following two options, but am curious to know if this will even work. I am still in the cycling phase and anticipate another week or two before it is time to introduce these fish. I'm a huge fan of cardinal tetras and celestial pearl danios, but sounds like these will be too small, hence the red eyed tetra as a larger school fish that I find ascetically beautiful.

Option 1:
2 Electric Blue Acara
3 Yellow Labs
10 Red Eyed Tetras

Option 2:
2 Electric Blue Acara
3 Honey Gurami
10 Red Eyed Tetras

Thanks so much. Suggestions/feedback on this is greatly appreciated.


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i wouldn't do yellow labs with the EBAs they are both completely different fish, labs are from africa and they prefer a group. maybe do some bottom feeders to like corys. or you could do some geophagus at the bottom?


Makes sense I appreciate the feedback. I thought the same on the yellow lab being that it is a Mduna, but surprisingly a lot of videos on youtube recommend them as great tank mates with the acaras. I thought about a geophagus as they are a super cool fish, but feel like I would be doing them an injustice with a 63 gallon tank. If I had a 100+ gallon tank feel like that would be more humane in a sense.

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