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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Jren, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. JrenValued MemberMember

    Hi! im starting a new tank and im confused about which fish to choose for my tank omg ahaha. could you guys suggest which fish i should choose and why? here is my stocking list as follows.
    1) neon tetra OR black neon tetra OR glowlight tetra QTY:10
    2) panda cory OR spotted cory QTY:8
    3) Guppies QTY:3
    4) Betta x1 OR honey gourami x3 OR dwarf gourami x1
    could u guys suggest which fish to pick from the ones above and what temperature should i keep them at?
    im planning to keep them in a 20 gallon tank so do tell me if its overstocked or understocked!!! thanks!!

  2. FallenOwlWell Known MemberMember

    IMO your stock should look like:
    10x Neon tetra
    8x Panda Cory
    3x Male guppy
    3x Honey gourami (1m, 2f)

    That justly opinion (1- because I like them, 2- because they are temp compatible, and 3- They should all live peacefully)
    With this stock you would keep you temperature at about 75F
    What kind of substrate are you using?

  3. JrenValued MemberMember

    can i keep female guppies as well?
  4. AlphonsusWell Known MemberMember

    20 gallon long or high?
  5. JrenValued MemberMember

    20 gallon long!
  6. WeepingShadesOfIndigoValued MemberMember

    If you do end up going with neon tetra I would personally add them once the tank has fully cycled and is more mature also drip acclimatise them and take a good hour to do it, I have found them to be very sensitive.
  7. JrenValued MemberMember

    are cardinals less sensitive?
  8. WeepingShadesOfIndigoValued MemberMember

    I have not found any around here to try but it depends on who you ask, some say they are harder and most I think say they are easier.
  9. FallenOwlWell Known MemberMember

    I would not. Guppy's breed like crazy when you put males and females together. I would not even get all females, to reduce the risk of bringing them while they are pregnant.
  10. JrenValued MemberMember

    would the fry be easy to raise though?
  11. WeepingShadesOfIndigoValued MemberMember

    They are easy but the problem is space. You would need two girls per one male then every 28 days like clock work the girls have usually 15 all the way up to 100 babies each, so that adds up very fast. You would need a very large tank to keep the babies until they were old enough to go elsewhere and that stock list you have is already pretty full.
  12. AlphonsusWell Known MemberMember

    Cardinals are usually healthier than neon tetras. Neon tetras have been over bred that their immune system is weak. When adding fish I like to do the drip method where you get one of those airline controller and siphon the water from the main tank to a bucket. Depending on the drip rate it can take 30 min to an hour although many have been successful. Petco has a dollar per gallon sale till July 17 so if you want to breed guppies you can get some tanks . I have bred fancy guppies casually and usually kept the same kind of morph and females so know I usually get the same morph from the fry. Although you are going to have to cull if you are planning to breed

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