Help with retrofitting light in my integrated aquarium.

  1. K

    K3NN3TH New Member Member

    I am trying to at the least put in some LED moonlights. Since I can really screw them into my plastic hood, I need some sort of adhesive. Would regular superglue do the trick?

    Also, I am going to the hardware store in a couple of days to try to find a fluorescent light fixture to retrofit in my hood to add some extra watts. Anyone know of some really small fixtures and where to find them? I mean it would have to be something really small or something really thin.
  2. agsansoo

    agsansoo Well Known Member Member

    I added a LED moonlight a small fry tank with a big drop of aquarium silicone. Let dry for 24 hours and your good. My has been stuck under my small hood for over a year with no problems.

    What size is your hood ?
  3. steed1172

    steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    hey home depot has decent lights, make sure to check if its hardwired or plug-in if its a larger one, the smaller ones they sell (6" and 12") are battery operated/adapter so a lil water proofing to do there, hope i helped some-MERRY CHRISTMAS!!