Help With Parasites Life Cycle (gill Flukes, Tapeworms And Nematodes) Api General Cure, Levimasole

Is it gill flukes or new nematodes larvaes affecting my corys again?

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Hello, i currently have a freshwater heavily planted 10 gallon tank with two dwarf albino corydoras and one betta crowntail.
Water parameters are ph 6.9 ammonia 0ppm nitrites 0ppm and nitrates 5ppm
It has a filter of 100gallon/hour and heated at 26c (79f)
All fish are pretty active and eating well.
Here is the story that i want help with, two months ago i noticed ONE albino corydora lethargic and constantly scratching, then i discovered the betta was bloated and had stringy white poop so i assumed betta had tapeworms and corydoras gill flukes so i instantly medicated with API GENERAL CURE(75mg of praziquantel and 250mg of metronidazole). I also mixed the medicine with the food and garlic. I did one treatment(4 days) This worked well cory was active again and swimming with his buddy searching for food and no more flashing or scratching, betta poop also improved but still had some white poop, then two weeks ago i discovered that my betta fish had camallanus (red worms protruding from the anus) so i ordered levimasole and one week ago i treated it with 100mg of levimasole (correct dose for 10 gallon) and all of the worms fell. I know i have to treat again in 2 and in 4 weeks for the eggs that the levimasole did not kill (i am aware of the nematode life cycle and i am waiting one week more for second dose) But yesterday i noticed my OTHER corydora start to act lethargic and scratching and flashing again just like the first one did, i mean exactly the same so i asume its possibly the gills flukes again or maybe the nematodes(camallanus) that hatched and will die in the second dose of levimasole, but how the first time general cure worked well i dosed it today again and cory instantly stopped scratching, the thing is i dont have praziquantel ONLY and general cure can be applied max for 10 days which i dont know if it will kill gill flukes life cycle. So i want an expert opinion.

Do i dose general cure for 3 full treatments? (One dose every other day for 6 days total) one dose last 48 hours and parcial water changes in between full doses. O do i space the doses to 72hours? That way it will be 9 days in total (and praziquantel stays in the water for 72 hours)
I dont want to medicated to much just the right amount to permanently kill gill flukes considering that a week from now i will be treating again with levimasole. Sorry for the long post i just cant find this specific thing on the web. All fish are colorfull and look healthy i just want to eliminate all pathogens so the keep looking that way, they dont seem stressed because of the general cure o levimasole, acting normal eating like always.


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