Help With New Tank And Sump Type Filter System?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by regal1988, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Its been a long time since I had fish (going back 30 years when I was a child)..

    I bought a cylinder aquarium about 2 years ago and after putting it off I decided to set it up this weekend. Its about 250 gallons.

    Ive never seen or had a filtration system like this one. My previous tanks were the basic starter charcoal and cotton to the overhang type cartridge filters.

    I am not sure if this is a sump or wet/dry system and Im not sure how it works. I was provided with the items in the pictures. One side gets the filer media and other has a pump that send the water back up to the top of tank.

    One bag looks like ceramic pieces, the other looks like some sort of black pellets. I cannot fit all of them on the right side (below where the water drip down into the right chamber)

    Can anyone tell me how i need to set this up? (i lost the info from the person i purchased from). right now I have the white foam,the black foam, the blue sheet and the black pellets). The ceramic pieces i have not put in.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    PS. I plan for now just keeping this as a cold water tank with goldfish and other cold water fish tank1.jpegtank2.jpgtank3.jpgtank4.jpg
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    Could you give us a side view of the sump I could direct you on where to place your media from there
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    AD6C7DB3-F74A-404B-850C-22A42FBA2C18.jpeg111FD7A5-3273-459A-A4FC-0037974FCA5E.jpeg65FB12F5-58A3-474B-B518-517137B132FC.jpeg52B58A6C-5311-4214-9CDA-95E10E1DCC86.jpeg502FD65F-5E8E-4164-96F5-5E176074DB56.jpeg Ok it’s located in the stand (it’s built into the stand) and it’s behind this access door. Two compartments and there is a gap to allow the water to flow from the filter side to the pump side. The last picture is the high and low marks on the left side (the pump side)
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    The tray where the pipe pours into will contain the prefilter pads that collect large debris and polish the water. Generally there is a compartment underneath where the biomedia (ceramic media or bio balls) will go. The black pellets are just activated carbon and can be left out unless your tank has odors or you need to absorb medications.

    A sump works like this:
    >water is taken in through either an intake or overflow plumbed into the aquarium
    >water trickles down through a drip tray over a sponge/floss which media filters out particulates
    >the water flows past the biomedia in the sump compartment
    >the return pump takes the water to the outflow and back into the aquarium

    Be mindful of how much water is above the outflow and intakes of the tank and how much is currently in the sump. If the power is cut off the tank will drain to where the lowest line is plumbed in, and unless you sump has a built in overflow you can accidentally flood your floor. Also keep in mind a sump needs to be periodically topped off, or it will start running dry. They are designed to maintain a constant water level in the tank regardless of how much water they contain. If you decide to keep the heater in your sump this is even more important.

    Advantages of a sump are that they are very efficient, add extra volume to the tank, and can even provide a handy second tank where you can keep various media and even live plants and animals. If you add a light and live plants it becomes a refugium, and can be used to absorb excess nitrates and nutrients from the water column. Small fish and inverts can be kept in a sump/refugium so long as the return pump is unable to suck anything in. Sumps are also a great place to seed media for new tanks.
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    Ah ok. I see. The intake is on the top of the tank just at the water line.

    There is some space that I can slip the ceramic looking things below the filter media where it enters the sump

    When I need to replace these, are there products available that make this easier? I’ve seen some things on amazon that looks like a roll of filter material (one side white one side blue) that I can use?

    I’ve also seen bio balls? filtration items on eBay as well.

    Thanks for the help!
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    You don't need to replace ceramic rings, and they're better than bio balls as they have a much higher surface area due to all the microscopic pores.

    The rolls of filter material work but you can also use Polyfil.
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