Help With New Light Intensity?!?!?

Discussion in 'Corals' started by Taylorbudd, Apr 24, 2018.

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    Hey so i got a new LED light panel to replace the 2 4 foot t8s and the 2 18inch t8s.
    Its one of those 165w led fixtures from amazon with the dual dimmers, 55 3w leds. Blue and white.

    So i had them on full power the first night and my corals didnt seem to like it. I am not able to hang the light so i have it on spacers. Its about 5 inches from the water and maybe 16 from the coral shelf and 24 from the sand.
    I turned the lights down to 50% white and 50% blue and my corals recovered but my red/blue mushroom is still kind of small. It was quite a bit bigger before i swapped the light. Do mushrooms need alot of light or low light?
    On a plus side my candy canes puffed back up. Maybe i need to put the shroom on the sand and the candy cane on the shelf.
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    Yes, in general shrooms prefer lower light. :) Sorry, but it sounds like the change in lighting suddenly shocked the corals with a higher PAR value. Glad that almost everyone is responding well to turning the settings down.

    For the future, light preference aside, corals do not like a sudden change of any kind. If you are increasing the lighting, it's best to do so slowly. I too recently got an LED to replace fluorescents but started the new light at 40% of the recommended settings for my tank. A couple weeks later, I stepped it up to 60% and so on until the light was set to max values for my tank depth. The setting is also based on what's in the tank, as a predominantly softie/LPS tank will not want as much light as a tank full of SPS corals.

    Eventually, you might get better color out of the mushroom under higher lighting, but it must be acclimated to the higher intensity slowly and over time. Move it down, but perhaps increase your light setting a little bit in a couple weeks, and/or, slowly move the coral back up higher to where you want it. :)
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    Ok sweet thanks

    I put the mushroom on the sand bed and put the candy cane up on the shelf.
    The light is at 50% blue and 30% whit
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    Update as of this morning. Candy cans is loving the light, mushroom seems a little better on the sand. My other giant doughnut coral that was dying seemed to be coming back now i put it on the sans bed too

    Heres some pixs

    Well i call it a doughnut coral but i really dont know whats its called. The big one on the sand bed in the shade.
    If anyone knows its name lol.

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