help with new 10 gallon hexagon tank


hello I just got a 10 gallon hexagon tank with the hood , now I haven't set it up yet but I was wondering what type of filter and modle and gph should I get for this tank because it didnt come with a filter the size os the tank is 14 inches long 12 inches wide and 18 inches tall not `counting the hood , also I wanted to know if I could get one angelfish for this tank I read they like taller tanks I also know they can get 6 inches so I just wanted to know if I could get one for this tank since its a hexagan if not what other types of fish could I get for this tank I don't care for neons or bettas , thanks for your time


I would get sailfin mollies theyre so pretty! They have thee huge fina up top


How about a Betta for this tank? I'm sorry, but this tank is too small even for 1 Angelfish. There are many other much smaller but very beautiful fish to choose from too.


An angelfish would be miserable in a tank that small. They need room to swim and aren't the most agile fish when it comes to turning. My swordtails literally swim circles around my angel when she decides to be aggressive.


i'll suggest guppies. u can keep 6 or 7 of them in that tank. rules r 2 females for each male guppy or u can keep goldfish if u want bigger fish but don't keep angels in that tank, angels r my favorite too that's why I bought a 75 gallon tank just to keep angels. I think under gravel filter would b fine for a 10 gallon tank.

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