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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Taryn Nation, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Taryn Nation

    Taryn NationNew MemberMember

    I have two tanks 1st 10gallon

    So far I have 3guppys, 2baby guppys, 2 octo catfish, 1 dwarf frog. Can I add 3-5 dionos? and can 3 be the glowing ones and 2 long finned and will all of them school together or should i just get on type of the dinos?

    My 29gallon w/sand(oh ya both tanks have lots of hiding places and some plants)

    I have 1male betta who iam thinking of moving to the 10gallon (he did fine b4 w/the guppy's and the 4 dionos that just all died). 1 female betta, 1 Chinese algae eater, 1 Raphael fish, 1 black kuli loach, 3 corys, 3 plattys and 2 rasboras.

    I want to know 1st can I add tetras that look, grow, and move in a scissor motion w/the rasboras? i read somewhere different fish will school together if same in size, movement, and color. I want to add 1more rasbora, 3 pristale tetras, 3 lemon tetras, and 3 black tetras.

    Then how much more can i add to the 29gallon w/out over stocking? I know the 1inch rule is cause my kuli loach has very little girth and produce not much waste. apparently 3 of these is eqaul to one gallon.

    I do 2 wTER CHANGES WEEKLY and willing to do more. How much more fish can I add of the tetras or rasboras?, and I want to add 2more black kuli loaches.

    Also i know you generally not supose to have a kuli loach w/corydoras or they will starve but I break off an algea waffler and spread it around before I turn the light off sense the black kuli loach is a night time eater, will he still starve? remember I do have sand so they food is easier for him to get too.

    Is my mix alright in both tanks?
  2. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to fishlore taryn!!
    I moved your thread out of someone elses so you can get help for your situation :)
    id say your 10g is pretty well stocked once your babies grow up..I wouldnt add anything else....
    bettas do mucuh better by themselves..they are NOT community fish and stress too much when put in a community tank...

    never had rasporas so will let a member who has help you there

    in a 29g tank, i think you would be pushing it by having the loaches and cories ...not enough space to call their own....

    im sure other members will have some more advice..goodluck
  3. Bubba the Gump

    Bubba the GumpValued MemberMember

    man you got alot going on in some small tanks, its best the bettas are seperate in their own home, as for all your other questions it seems your going a little overboard for the size tank you have, the rule of thumb is just a rule of thumb, think of the sapce you have in the tank and how crowded it would be with all those fish, a bigger tank is the answer to your problems wanting such variety and many fish to reside together

  4. peacemaker92

    peacemaker92Well Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore! :;hi2

  5. OP
    Taryn Nation

    Taryn NationNew MemberMember

    well the loaches only get 4inches at the most in length but are thinner then a pencil. 2 corys are babies. i will be getting a 55 asa i get out of this crappy little appnt. About the 29 can i still mix different tetras with rasboras and will they school together? How much should I get?

    I have heard that some betas are community and some arn't but almost all females are. Also talked to a friend who said it depends on the betta. she has two and one 1 by himself because he prefers it that way. I think Gaius fits in that category so when his babies are grown up and given to friends will he be OK in a 2.5? I also read its un-humanitarian for any fish in something smaller that a 5g although in all perspective it probably in-humanitarian just to have fish.

    So the 10 gallon is being re establish what will go in it is 3 guppys, 2 baby guppys, 2 octos, 1drarf frog. is this good or for sure if I add any more fish im over stocking?

    for the 29 gallon what i have in it now is 2plattys, the two bettas, 1 loach(its the very small kind that don't get big at all), 1 rapheal fish, 2 rasboras(they get 2inch max), and 1 chinesse algae eater.

    In my 5gallon quarantine tank is the 3corys, and 1 platty that i plan to put in the 29.

    The rest in there are the ones im putting back in the 10gallon when it finished.

    All seem to be doing great in the 5 which for some reason dose better than the 10 but I guess that great for a quarantine tank.

    I really think the 29gallon is ok w/adding the corys and platty and then more fish for my rasboras to school with. I know that 2rasboras waste = to one gallon so I should be able to have a school of six and it wouldn't be over stocking as long as i stop correct? And i do keep up on the water changes. also if I have to will my bettas like a smaller tank? I read they only live in small rice ponds in nature during certain seasons and actually are naturally adapted to larger pond of greater depth.

    But towards the end of the lease I will be adding a dinosaur ell and probably getting the 55 two months after to put him in there and make my 29 gallon brackish for my boyfriends dragon goby because he did not know how important it is to have the dragon in a brackish tank w/sand.

    Thank you so much for your help. I probably do 3hours every other day of research and found my calling. I do want to be a Marine Biologist yet never been to the beach lol. I'm a great swimmer though.

    I feed our dragon goby off my finger so he is pretty much trained. Also the 1st time mating bettas I was successful and have 5 healthy babies growing up . If one is Dark, almost black my boyfriend is going to keep him and call him Dark betta, lol.:;f
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  6. OP
    Taryn Nation

    Taryn NationNew MemberMember

    Is my tank ok but plases do nto refer the 1 inch rule

    :;f Hi I just wanted to know if I can still add one or two more black khuli loaches and a dinosaur birch.

    by the way the 1nc rule doesn't apply. the khuli loaches are thinner then a pencil and do not produce much waste so 2 = 1 inch same with smaller tetras and rasboras. ottos are different because though they are small their belly are big and they produce a lot of waste much like plecos do.

    In my 29: black sand with a very small amount of red, green and white gravel, also red and white smooth jewls, theres a fairly strong current(my betta dose fine with it), banana looking rooted plants, planted grass, floating grass, and some other floating plant, 2moss balls.

    Plenty of decos: on giant and wide red fake plant that sticks out of water, two drift woods stand up and support a big fake log standing up with 3 holes and top out of water, a real quartz rock that's in between the two drift woods, a small castle with a hole for a small fish to hid up in or swim through, stick on glass deco that's half out of water, leaf stick on deco with a dip in it for a crab that's out of water, Big skull head that fish can go inside, Big triceratops head that fish can go inside, fake coral rock that's like a cave(a shaded overhead), small pirate ship that fish can go inside, fake med log that fish can go inside, small dragon, small canon that fish can squeeze underneath.

    To Come: a coconut shell with hole inside that will float above water with marine sand and small fake palm tree for shade for crab(not yet have red clawed crab) to perch its self in, gerbil tubes- one will lay flat and with a connector on it the othe long tube will curve up and moss will be tied on the top parts of the tubes with fishing wire, a fern plant, a anibus plant, a lily plant in the far back, more of those banana root looking plants, and more floating plants, also a pirate (thin) flag and a small sigh that says strong currents. Maybe a very small piece of drift wood.

    Questions on Decos and Plants?????
    On this I want to know will those plastic tubes for gerbils crowd in my water? I'v seen pets mart do it have them in their tank with the dinosaur birch. If so, what other kind of see through tube could I use instead that's easy to cut?

    Can a lily grow in sand? it dose great in my boyfriends 20 long gallon with his gravel.

    OK so that's it for the decos and yes its very well spaced out with lots lots of middle space for fish to swim.

    Here is my list of fish:
    1 bummble bee catfish,
    1 Rapheal catfish,(these two are very similar in species and many Raphael fish have been to known to be extremely peaceful with others of their kind and even same sex. its a Personality thang just like with all fish.

    2 khuli loaches,

    3 plattys, 2 baby plattys,

    1 preg rasbora(i have a preg box) 1 other rasbora,

    1 pristil tail tetra, 1 yellow tail tetra( NOTE: the pristle tail tetras and rasboras are very similar in color, movement, and size so they do school together),

    1 male betta(my pice fish, he loves being the boss of the tank ans is extremely happy) also the depth is fine -bettas go to shallow water only during certain seasons and when mating. So thier natural habitat is actual ponds and lakes. not small rice ponds.

    Anyways I also have 3 corrys- 1 panda, 1 jewl, and 1 spotted

    6 ghost fish

    2 snails one small one large

    Questions:Are these a good mix all together??? I more wonder about the kuhli black loaches and corys together cause i know the corry could get food fast- is there a way around that???

    Also with those guys and the two cat fish dose that make it too many bottom feeders??????- remember i do have plants and sand which makes food easier to get too.

    Can I get a Red clawed crab with the betta and other non aggressive fish????

    Can I get a Dinosaur Birch or will he eat my Rasboras or my 4inch but thin Kuhli Loaches?????
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  7. platy ben

    platy benWell Known MemberMember

    Well, first off I really wouldn't advise keeping a betta in your community tank, although things may seem ok at the moment someone could easily become hurt or killed.
    I would not get a dinosaur birchir as it would be a threat to your smaller fish, and if you are worried about your loaches not getting enough food because of the corys, a birchir will make it even harder to get food.
    I'm also going to say no to the crab as they need land are best kept in a species tank.
    I would also advise bumping up your schooling fish with more of their own kind, however in my opinion your tank is overstocked but only lightly
  8. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    do you realize how big they get and what they eat?

    15 or so inches, and they eat ANYTHING they can id say NO on the birch

    unfortunately, going by the size of a fish and its stomach size etc, isnt going to keep your tank safe...the 1 inch rule(whether you follow it or not) is th e best way to go with smaller tanks...khuli's NEED swim space no matter how thin they are..and if fed properly, they arent very thin forever...ottos have a low biload no matter how big their bellys are..your plec is a huge waste producer and should count as a double bioload...

    sounds like your tank is pretty much deco'd out..not much space left for the type of fish you are keeping..but only you can see that....

    Im not sure where you got that information from...bettas ALWAYS need air as they are labyrinth fish and ALWAYS need to go to the top to breath....

    as recommended in your other thread , you are overstocked with fish that arent compatable...

    your crab will eat anyfish he can catch and a betta doesnt stand a chance as they arent fast swimmers and sleep at night...

    Can I get a Dinosaur Birch or will he eat my Rasboras or my 4inch but thin Kuhli Loaches?????[/QUOTE]
  9. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello. :animal0068: I have merged your two threads. I think it will be a lot less confusing to other members. Too, I've moved it to Aquarium Stocking Questions to help you to get more responses.
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  10. sirdarksol

    sirdarksolFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to Fishlore, Taryn!

    To answer your final question: I'd say not.
    To answer followup questions about adding more: I'd also say not.

    Your ten gallon tank is already overstocked. Five guppies (not even thinking about the fry they're going to create) and a dwarf frog will produce too much nitrogen, too fast. The otos are not going to do well in such rapidly changing water quality.

    Two of the fish in the 29g grow too big for the tank; the algae eater and the Raphael catfish. If those two fish are returned to the pet store and the bettas each given a separate home (each would love a 5-10g tank of their own), the 29g looks like it would have an okay stocking, though the loach requires at least two more of its kind to be happy.
    Other than the kuhlis, I wouldn't suggest adding anything to the tank.

    What kind of sand do you have? Several types of aquarium sand are not friendly to cories or kuhlis, as they have sharp edges that wear away at their barbels and bellies.
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  11. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Hi, welcome to FL, Taryn!
    since you don't know about the nitrogen cyle, you might want to click on the link in my signature. It's a good read, and since you know you already have some issues in your tank, and least making sure your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate situation is under control might help some. :)
  12. OP
    Taryn Nation

    Taryn NationNew MemberMember

    I may not get the birch, maybe next year when my amazing BF buys me all the big tanks I want and when we move to our own big house. He will be a government agent so he's going to make a lot after training.

    BUUUut other than that and maybe the red clawed crab I will leave it as it is and get what iIwant.

    Iv done loads of research and volunteer at a real aquarium so I think I'm perfect with everything else.

    The sand is super fine and soft.

    I give my fish frozen, live, veggies, flakes, and freeze dry food, I change the tanks twice a week, I even cover them up with beach towels when lights in our appnt on later than they should be.

    MY 29 is spaced out perfectly! IF You saw you'd say that is amazing!; how much space they have plus most decos are small ones.

    I watch and study my fish 2 hours almost every day.

    The Betta loves it in the 29 he has been in four tanks before and this is the best for him, plus I even got him to mate with a female and have a baby Bettas. I had five babies but I fed them cause I couldn't sell them. SOo Id say things are looking great and I DO 6-12 hours of research on the fishes every week.=)mmmmmmm

    Thanks on having me second guess the dinosaur birch its hard not to get one but if I can Waite 10 years till I get my house that's is going to have a 1,000 or more gallon tank that wraps around the house and have MY favorite fish the silver tip shark, then I guess I can Waite till 2011 for MY 55 and 175 gallon for the birch to be in.

    I will just find some other prize fish to put in the 29.

    Thanks for your help everyone.
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  13. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Taryn, your fishkeeping plans sound so awesome! You should really familiarize yourself with the nitrogen cycle and fishless cycling for your future tanks. If you are able to get an understanding of the biological cycle your tankwater goes through, you'll be able to provide a more steady home to your fish in the future. You'll most likely have fewer casualties that way, and your fish will live MUCH longer lives, saving you money and heartache in the long run.

    Good luck, and good call not getting that birch. And keep an close eye on your betta. There are a few member here who report having success for a while with a betta in a community tank, and then all of a sudden things so south very quickly.

    It's your betta and your tank, but since you now know of the potential danger, please at least have a backup plan in case there does end up being a problem.

  14. sirdarksol

    sirdarksolFishlore LegendMember

    What brand of sand is it? Sand that we think is soft can be awful on the bellies of scale-less fish.

    By "birch," I presume you're talking about bichirs? I agree with what others have said. They're monsters. One of the images that came up with a Google search was an image of a pretty large fish being eaten by a dinosaur bichir.

    With the red clawed crab (sesarma bidens), it is a brackish semi-terrestrial creature. It needs partial marine water and access to land. It will not adapt to a freshwater aquarium. Unfortunately, many petstores sell them (as well as fiddler crabs, and numerous brackish fish) as freshwater fish, due to the fact that they'll live for a few months in freshwater. It nearly guarantees the store will get repeat customers.

    As far as thinking your aquarium is spaced out perfect, and that your fish have plenty of space, I've got to say I wouldn't think that. Both of your aquaria are overstocked, in my opinion, and many of the schooling fish you have don't have proper schools. From what I've seen of other members like yourself (and that includes me... I was there once, too), it's nearly guaranteed that if you add any more fish to that tank, there will be a catastrophe. There's likely to be one, anyway, but the addition of anything more (particularly a large one) will increase those chances hugely.

    I'm amazed that your bettas bred and that they (and any babies) survived in a community tank. They generally will not successfully breed unless some very exacting requirements are met to copy their natural breeding period, and part of these requirements is that the two separate shortly after the female drops her eggs. So, as far as that goes, excellent ;D. Our betta parents would love to have details on that in the betta forum.
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  15. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Hi Taryn,
    Good morning :)
    I tried to respond to the message you left me, but I couldn't send you a PM or post on your profile page, so I thought I'd respond here.

    The people on this website really care about fish, and have their best interests in mind when they give advice. Some people may sound a bit more harsh than others, but the advice you get on this forum will be sound. I started my tank on Oct. 1, and they've gotten me through a successful cycle. My tank is healthy and so are my fish. :)

    Compatibility issues and space issues are so important when making decisions on how to set up your tank. I'm glad you are asking for advice before adding more fish. I'm also glad you have a backup plan for your betta in case there is trouble in your community tank. Your decision to rehome some of your fish already was probably a good one, and is proof that you are willing to do what's best for them.

    I am glad you are enjoying your new hobby. I also find it very fulfilling. Good luck and let me know if I can do anything for you.
  16. mizzoufan96

    mizzoufan96Valued MemberMember

    Sounds like you need some bigger tanks.

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