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  1. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    W/ proper water conditions and still no behavior changes and/or symptoms, it is better to wait until more info are obtained/shown than upsetting unknown who knows what.
    I would let it be. Dont disturb it anymore than you really have to.
    I am sure all are wishing speedy recovery but no drastic changes, especially water conditions via drastic/massive wc in s/w. Coming from experiences of keeping FA & other salties, not from books.
    BTW, do you happened to know how long lfs had it before you purchased? Tetra Kit is as good as API if not better/accurate. Have used both but easier to use API, imo.

    When have LR + tank is properly cycled and maintained, it would take lot to go thru MINI-Cycle in S/W which will be revealed with testing. Besides who will add as many fish in one shot as one would do in f/w except Iand some others who has been doing for awhile. I still add more than what others will say it is crazy but no problem when one understand their own S/W tank. Wouldnt recommend though!
    Wishing speedy recovery!
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I never wanted to "upset" anyone and was offering some suggestions to try to ease her frustration and being scared...Please refrain from being rude and offer all the help that we all can think of to get her through this time...thank you !

  3. silverbaby Initiate Member

    I never meant for anyone to feel like I was pushing for help when theres not much that can be done. I am just a worried fish keeper is all. I dont know how long the LFS had it, i am assuming a couple of days but i dont really know. And I retested with my tetra test kit (I do get false readings from time to time) and my ammonia does seem to be elevated, some where between .25 and 1.5. So I am asssuming that is why my fish is acting strange, thanks for everyones help.....
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    dont feel you were pushy..that is so not the case....feel free to ask any questions at any glad you have at least part of the reason (ammonia) im not sure how to help with ammonia in a salty tank but im sure you do as you have had the tank for sometime

  5. silverbaby Initiate Member

    I put some stress coat in and I just hope this "mini-cycle" hurries up before my fish dies!!
  6. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    If you're showing ammonia readings from your test kit, I would recommend a water change.
  7. silverbaby Initiate Member

    hi harpua2002, I just did one about 1 1/2 hours ago. I have a 20 gallon, and i changed 3 gallons, should I change more???

  8. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    These fish are bagged in very small bag when shipped around the world. I mean in couple of inches of water max (not even half cup of water) in very small bags.
    Anytime when purchasing s/wfish , always ask how long they had them. I usually would wait a week or more before purchasing. This would require good relationship with lfs and I knew few reputable lfs who would do such practices for s/w w/o being asked to hold the fish. they just keep them in area in dark until ready to be sold. Even then, there are unfortunate casualties at lfs or at someone's home. But higher chance of survival when done properly. including time wise.

    Most of individually packed fish including f/w GBR will lay on side when unpacked until recovers from either anaesthetic exposure or the water pressure differences. Some fish are shiiped in nickel and dime bag, socalled, with very little water. It's the lfs or one who unpacks these fish to acclimate to not just the new water but also pressures, temp, lights etc. I've seen/had fish lay on its sides for months before recovering or never recover from such (unfortunately).

    Adding one fish with some LR would not elevate Ammonia (NH3) and/or nitrite (NO2) unless overfed. I have 10G Nano with local s/w (puffers, dottys, blenny) which I set up same day I brought from Ocean by using water and sand from ocean+ Dried Out LR w/ no what so ever elevation. I skipped feeding for few days and very carefully control the amt of food given. Just let you know I returned the fish except Seahorses and Lawnmower Blenny last weekend. Looking forward to set up 72 Bow this summer when I will catch more colorful s/w fish.

    If the NH3 truly elevated to 1.5, others should/would show some discomfort so I would still recommend holding back any actions until you can solidly determine the elevation of NHH3/NO2.
    If you have overfed due to addition of flame angel (I mean lots of leftovers which should be avoided) and feel that NH3 has elevated then do perform small but frequent PWC until stablized. that is if truly at 1.5

    Hope all goes well.

    PS: it is very common to see new hobbyist to think/assume the worst than it actually is when other says it maybe. Very true since been in hobby/ndustry for many yrs. Please dont jump the gun. Always reason before action!
  9. galvatron3000 Member Member

    how is he today?
  10. silverbaby Initiate Member

    He died that same night...:(

  11. galvatron3000 Member Member

    sorry to hear that