Help with my flame angelfish!!! Help

  1. silverbaby Initiate Member

    I bought a dwarf flame angelfish yesterday, i put him in my tank last night and he seemed to be fine, woke up this morning, fine, then out of no where he started swimming erraticly all over the tank, breathing fast and is now lying behind a rock, breathing just as fast. I tryed turning everything off, then i tryed to add an air stone in case there was not enough oxygen. Hes still there, just lying there and i dont want him to die. Im going to do a water change but I have a clown and a firefish and they are not doing the some thing, its only the flame angel. please help asap!!!
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    im not a sw person but most of the time in either tanks, checking the water parimeters is a place to you know your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings? if so, post them for the salty members to reference from...if not, id test asap and go from there....I hope your fish do ok!!!

  3. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    Keep the light off and observe. What are pH, Ammonia (NH3), Nitrite (NO2) and SG just to make sure. I would do any unnecessary PWC, at least not yet!
  4. silverbaby Initiate Member

    Ok so i tested my water, its weird cause they are all reading 0! I just changed my filter a week ago, maybe less, its a marineland bio wheel. My tanks been set up for almost 4 months, SG is at 1.023, did a water change, its a 20 gallon so i did 3 gallons (it was about time to do it anyways so it wasnt unnecessary)

  5. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    when you changed the filter, did you keep the media or change everything out and put brand new in? ive heard all 0's isnt uncommon for a salty tank but not positive
  6. silverbaby Initiate Member

    o and i have a peppermint shrimp, a turbo snail, palythoa soft coral, bulb tip anemone, a 1 1/2 in tomato and a 2 in firefish. as i am typing this he has got up and is swimming, he is still breathing fast though. going to observe to make sure he stays swiming. and after water change put some stress coat also.

    I left the actual bio wheel in and changed the blue filter part.
    So have I killed all my fish and inverts??
  7. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    You do have some LR? I wouldnt worry if you do. How about pH? Temp?
    Definitely should have Protein Skimmer running if not running already.

  8. galvatron3000 Member Member

    Did he start doing this after your lights came on, like immediately after the lights came on? Could be he was startled by you or the lights or both. I was noticing your time frame. How is he now?
  9. silverbaby Initiate Member

    I do have LR, only about 8-10 lbs though. ph is 8.1 temp is 80 degrees farenheit. Still worried cause he is laying on the floor again...

    Well he could have be startled by me. As soon as I did the water change he started to swim again, but is laying down again.
  10. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    It is true that fish can display some odd behaviors when spooked but should've come out of it and swimming not laying.
    Is your tank one of those tall tanks, 30" or higher?

    Can you see any visible film or spots/specks on the body? How about eyes, any cloudiness or protrusion?

  11. silverbaby Initiate Member

    I dont think its over 30" high, its a 20H gallon. Nothing abnormal on the boday that I can see. Eyes look fine also. It looks like it wants to swim but hes tired (I know fish dont become tired but thats what it looks like) He swam away when i approached the tank and then layed on the live sand again, still breathing heavily.
  12. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    Unless drastic/odd behaviors or symptoms are visible, would just monitor/observe with lights off.
  13. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    im so sorry hes not doing better after the water change :(

    what test kit are you using? I wish you could get more help to save him and I hope things go well !
  14. silverbaby Initiate Member

    The test kits im using are tetra and API.
  15. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    which ones for the ammonia and nitrite? are any of them the strips? or are they all liquids?
  16. silverbaby Initiate Member

    They're all liquids, tetra for ammonia, and API for nitrite and nitrate.
  17. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    hmmm im wondering if the tetra is giving you a false 0 reading? im not familiar with tetra test kits so im just assuming...especially where you just changed out some of the filter maybe its a mini cycle? again, just doing some suggesting as I wish I could be more help!
  18. silverbaby Initiate Member

    OMG, how long can a mini-cycle last? Can my fish and inverts survive?? Right now only my angelfish is acting strange, is there anything i can do to maybe save him??
  19. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    im not saying you are in one...just was a thought with changing the filter out....many fish can survive a mini cycle so dont give up hope....ill see if i can find some salty members to take a peek at this thread
  20. silverbaby Initiate Member

    thank you very very much