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    Hi there,

    I brought a second hand tank with fish that I planed to on sell to make room for my current fish. While the owner was catching the Bala, he was chasing it with like the tiniest net available. It was so stressed I didn't think it was going to make it. I have sold most of the bristle-noses, (though they have breed so still have heaps!). The problem is the Bala shark and the paired Angles, being that the Angles are aggressive. I've only seen them fight against themselves, but the Bala shark has missing scales. Which leads me to believe they are harassing it also, and I have never seen the Bala eat. I've had the tank for about a month now, I was hoping they were just re-establishing their territory and it would settle since this had been an established tank for three years prior. I cant see any problems from my end, readings have always been good, water changes done once a week, good water flow and filtration. I want to get rid of them, but don't want to pass on a problem to anyone else. One of the angles has bloodshot eyes, (though I've read that this can be triggered by breading) because the other keeps peeking at it. I don't want things to spiral out of control but other than keeping the water clean and using antibacterial med I'm not sure what I can do?

    77G/295L, 1 Bala, 2 Angle, 6 Penguin Tetras, 2 mature BN's and who know how many juveniles :(

    Sorry if this is a bit messy, I'm trying to get to bed. Will post more info if needed tomorrow.
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    So one of the Angels has a red streak on its body beneath its dorsal fin. None of the fins or the tail, it's not gasping for air or anything. I do weekly 15/20% w/c's, one due tomorrow. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, ph 7.8, (normally this high).

    This has got me worrying about the polyurethane that I put on the lid to protect it from any moisture. There is glass between the lid and the water, but could the fumes still be seeping through? Or is this just from stress??
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    Hi guys,

    Really hoping someone can help me out a bit. The Bala shark seems to have recovered, it's eating and has grown new scales to replace the missing ones. The angel though, I'm still worried about. I've got a photo below, but not a very good one as it doesn't really show the redness. I was wandering also about the area around the check/gills, it is slightly red and transparent. Could this be a Sunset blushing? It's three years old, would the blushing have faded by now? I'm hoping like that he doesn't have blood poisoning. :-/

    Anyway if anyone has an idea what I'm dealing with and/or any suggestion it would be much appreciated.
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    I'm sorry that I have no easy answers for you and cannot encourage the use of antiotics. I have been dealing a lot with mycobacterial infections for years and have been putting links in my blog entries to some articles. There is a link to an article with helpful photos and descriptions in this thread:
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    If it's a septic fish, that means there's a wound or bacterial infection from something else. Aside from the reddening, are there any other symptoms? Weight loss, color changes, anything like that? Any visible wounds?
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    Hi Junebug,

    I can't see anything now, but it would have been quite likely that there was with the two of them going at each other. The fighting has settled down quite a bit now. There's still a tiny bit of red showing, not sure if it's getting better, but at least it's not getting worse. Defiantly not skinny, I suspect that the two angels and bala have been eating the bristlenose juvies. I quite often see them pecking between the rocks on the bottom of the tank during the evening. The colour around the gills is silver/transparent where you can see a bit of pink in the right light. He's stays in the helicopter ornament a bit which worries me slightly, or is this normal territorial behavior? This started happening after I on sold eight of the bn's that use to take residence there.

    If it is septic, could it have also have been caused by fumes from the polyurethane? I've read that it's caused by poor water quality, but my water has always tested fine.
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    Septicemia is what you might know as blood poisoning. It's caused by a severe infection which then enters the bloodstream, so poisoning is out :)

    It's possible he's staying in the helicopter because he claimed the ornament for himself. It's also possible he's just a bit stressed and wants to stay out of the way of everyone.

    Anyway, you can try a few things. Meth. blue baths if you're able to get some meth blue, salt baths, and keeping the water extra extra clean. :)

    Here's a link on how to prepare baths for fish: