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Discussion in 'Guppy' started by fish dude1, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. fish dude1

    fish dude1Valued MemberMember

    Hi ,iv'e been breeding my guppy's for a while now but seem to only be having a small success can anyone help.
    I have batches of around 30 a time which i let be born into main tank then catch and put in a trap for a week for saftey.
    I then transfer into my fry tank everything goes well untill 2-3 weeks then when they have doubled in size they start dying,i normally only end up with about 4-5 reaching juvenile size to put back into main tank.
    main tank 100 liters, water great
    fry tank 35 liters , water great ,sponge filter
    feed hikari first bites and baby brineshrimp.
    Does anyone have any ideas
  2. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Is the fry tank cycled, do you do regular water changes? In a fry tank I'd be doing daily water changes as fry are more susceptible to deterioration in water quality.
    Are you letting them absorb their egg sac for the first 2/3 days before starting to feed them? Feeding too soon can cause their digestive system not to develop properly.
    Hikari first bites are good for the first few days after they've used up their egg sac, after that you can feed the same food as the adults but finely crushed.
    Sometimes it's just nature's way of only letting the fittest survive
  3. OP
    fish dude1

    fish dude1Valued MemberMember

    Thanks for reply,i do a 50% w/c every two days i leave the fry 2 days before food and yep the fry tank is cycled and been up and running with a constant supply of fry for about 5 months.
    I just thought that the % of fry was very low.
  4. rsutoratosu

    rsutoratosuValued MemberMember

    I'm using similar 35 litre size here too.

    I couldn't hatch live brine shrimps so I have to use my own food. In addition to the first bites. I use spirulina flakes, golden pearls, new life Thera a with garlic.

    I bought a cheap paste and mortar and grind them fine powder and the fry eat them up fast. I used to hand grind them but I see large flakes that don't get eaten

    I use bare tank for fry so I can see all the left over food. I Vacuum daily so the water doesn't get dirty and top off since it is quite warm here. Water evaporate fast. And do my water changes every 3-4 days. I also have a mini a azoo palm filter. It's very small and it helps to keep the water clean. I also use a corner filter with media

    I can only feed 2x a day since I work. So that's my schedule and have not had issues so far


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