HELP with guppies!

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    I bought 3 guppies at the pet store a few weeks ago, and the lady said they were all male.  Evidently, at least one is a female because a yesterday I discoverd a baby in the tank.  I don't know whether I'm supposed to separate them or what in the world I'm supposed to do with them!!  I have never had guppies before.  The baby has been hiding in a little house at the bottom since I saw it, but I'm not even sure if it's still there!  What should I do??

    ANY ADVICE is welcome!!

  2. fletch Member Member

    Re: HELP with gupipies!

    the babies should really be in a breeding tank so that they are safe. If you dont have a breeding tank use a net by resting it over the side of the tank into the water. You'll need to feed the babies liquifry flakes first and then brine shrimp when theyre a few weeks old. dont let them out untill they are to big to fit in the biggest mouth in your tank. at least 3/4- an inch long. you can tell male from female guppies by looking at their tails. Males have larger more colourfull tails and females have smaller less brightly coloured tails.

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    There should also be more than one baby depending on how old the female is

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    Maybe she was really hungry?

  5. fletch Member Member

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    haha, good point! ;D
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    try and get a small tank or breeding tank for the babies i know my best m8 (luke) breeds guppies and swordtails he got a breeding tank 4 £40 small heater and filter included get them in2 a smaller tank and of course feed them the special baby food they r at risk bein possiby eaten if u dont remove them from ur main tank
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    I, too, had this happen. It was actually a fry that was accidentally caught with other fish I was buying. Needless to say, it disappeared (snack time) really quick! In a 55 gallon tank, it was amazing I even saw was there, then it was gone. Good luck if it does make it :)