Help with first divided betta tank?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by riptide904, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. riptide904

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    I'd really like to convert my 10 gallon tank into a split betta tank. I still have my cycled filter and gravel, but I don' t know exactly what I''ll need. The last time I had a betta was in a teeny tiny bowl with nearly nothing, but I want to do better this time. I already have a female betta and would like to get a male, but I have no plan to breed them as of now. What kind of dividers would work best for this? What sort of plants/hidey places should I get? Better yet, is this even a good idea?

    Also, I've been feeding the betta with freeze dried mysis shrimp since that's what I have on hand. Should I get pellets or bloodworms?

    I feel like I'm stumbling about with this, but then again, that's how all my tanks seem to start out!:;tea
  2. escapay

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    I'd get some New Life Spectrum betta pellets. Bloodworms are more of a treat - like a 1-2 time a week treat.

    Make sure to soak the freeze dried mysis shrimp first - frozen is better. Too bad they don't have smaller amounts for sale.

    You'll want the divider, a 50 watt heater (unless your house is as cold as mine... 65 degrees, in which case I ended up putting a 100 watt and that works great), a thermometer with a suction cup (not the strips), some decorations that will not tear fins (especially for males). Of course, your cycled filter and gravel. :)

    From my understanding, but hopefully someone else will correct this later or agree with me... it isn't recommended to have a male and female together, even in a divided tank. Something about the female becoming egg bound (?).

    My female betta has had a whole 10 gallon to herself before. Right now with fish that are waiting for them to be added to a different tank.
  3. Nikita

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    What escapy has said is excellent information.

    As for a divider, look here:

    I've heard the same that it isn't recommended to divide the male and female due to her getting egg bound. I'd either recommend a male and male divided or female and female divided.

    As for decor, make sure there is enough cover for both of them to hide and rest at. As well make sure all the decorations are safe for their fins (As some can rip them).
  4. soltarianknight

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    In the link, the picture of the female with vertical stripes, that is exactly what you want to avoid, those are breeding stripes and she is egging up.

    Divided tanks are fun, do not cheap out on the divider, get a good sturdy one and make sure it fits well. Bettas can and will exploit any weaknesses. Get some plants to put at the edge of the divider to help break up the line of vision. This way they arn't ALWAYS seeing eachother.
  5. OP

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    I might just go with another female, the store as some really gorgeous ones, though I'm sad I can't get a male, they're so pretty :) More tanks anyone? (Just kidding, my family would kill me, if I didn't die of stress first)
  6. RPPhoto

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    honestly, and this is just my IMHO, i feel w/ betta's divided tanks are not good, as bettas can be real sensitive about the water quality, also if one gets sic so does the other...

    now mind you ive had several Betta's Males and Sororities (which are fun) and i still recomend a min of 10gal tank for one betta...

    good luck...
  7. Nikita

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    Bettas are actually on the more on the hardier side of fish. Some people use them to cycle tanks (Which I do not recommend whatsoever) and them survive. I'm not disagreeing on if one gets sick, so does the other, but I'm disagreeing on the bettas being sensitive to water quality.
  8. OP

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    I've never had any water quality issues in this tank, but I do note the illness issue. But that happens in every community tank, it's always a risk. I'm still undecided on whether or not to do it, I have enough to deal with at the moment with adding more fish just yet.

    Iris has the big tank all to herself,and I just added a heater today. Now to get rid of the algae...