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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by 10spall, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. 10spallNew MemberMember

    Hello all,

    My aquarium seems to be fighting a case of fin rot and I need some advice. I just finished up a 7 day treatment with Melafix and have performed the 25% water change, but my Betta fish does not show any signs of improvement nor any signs of getting worse. I am quite fond of my Betta as he is the longest living betta I have owned (6 months strong!!). My betta is housed in a 10 gallon, heated and filtered aquarium (I am currently running 2 filters on this tank). The rest of the tank info is as follows:

    Temp: 80 degrees
    pH: 7.4 (high range)
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 10-20 range as of today (I've been having issues with this!)
    Water change routine: 25-50% once a week
    Cycled: Yes or at least it was
    Tank mates: 3 cory catfish and 1 female guppy

    I have been keeping a close eye on my water parameters and have been having issues with my nitrate levels. Earlier this week they were testing closer to 40 ppm. I have been doing 15-25% water changes daily to get the levels back under control as well as using Prime to dechlorinate my water. I have also been using stress coat as well to help in the healing process.

    What I would like to know from you is whether or not you think I should do another round of treatment with Melafix or try treating with something else? I will gladly take any suggestions you have! Also I have been treating him in the main tank as my guppy has also had a piece of her fin missing as well and I do not have a hospital tank.

    Thank you in advance!!
  2. FishywifeValued MemberMember

    It's possible that your betta and guppy are eating each others fins. If this is the case heavily planting the tank to add more hiding spaces should help somewhat. Bettas can also chew at thier own fins too. Mine have never done it, but I've seen videos and read posts about that too. Best thing I can advise right now is keep up with the water changes, thier fins should heal in time. Are they white edged and or disintegrating? Or clean edged? If they are clean edged I'd hedge a bet that they are nipping at each other.
  3. 10spallNew MemberMember

    There does not appear to be any white edges to indicate new fin growth. It also does not appear that the guppy and betta are fin nipping as I have had that happen to my betta before. The only other thing I can think that happened is I had a rock decoration that had sharp edges. I took the decoration out after noticing the jagged tear in my betta’s Fin. I did just have a platy that passed away the other day who also had issues with his fins as it appeared they were rotting away. That is why I think it is fin rot. I’ll upload a photo when I have access to a computer so that you can see.
  4. FishywifeValued MemberMember

    I see. If the fins are white edged it normally means the fish has bacterial issues with fins. Disintegrating fins imo are far worse. With fin rot, it normally starts with damaged fins, and less than perfect water parameters. I had an angel once completely tear her dorsal fin in half from top to bottom chasing another fish away from her eggs. This completely healed up in just a week.

    Taking the sharp decor out is a good move, also if you have plastic plants try dragging them along a nylon stocking. If they snag, I'd remove those too. Silk or even better live plants are best with bettas.

    I'll wait to see your pictures later on.
  5. 10spallNew MemberMember

    I have attached several photos. Hopefully it shows his tail as it was very hard to photograph him. After observing his tail there are no white edges to indicate a bacterial infection. I've read that fungal infections can also cause fin rot? Correct me if I am wrong. While I was out today I did happen to pick up API Furan-2 and do have the Jungle brand Fungus clear fizz tabs I picked up from Walmart. Would it be smart to start treating with a stronger medication? Should I start tonight or wait until the morning? I do not want to over medicate my tank. I am planning on doing a water change tomorrow.

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  6. 10spallNew MemberMember

    As of now I am planning on doing a water change in the morning of at least 25% if not larger. I am going to try the fungus clear tabs in hopes that will help clear up whatever is going on in my tank. If anyone has any more advice I would love to hear it!!
  7. 10spallNew MemberMember

    I was able to get a few more photos of him. I did a 50% WC today and am trying the fungus clear tabs. I'll perform a 25% WC after the 4 day treatment. If anyone has experience with the Jungle Fungus Clear fizz tabs I would be interested in seeing how this product worked for you.

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  8. 10spallNew MemberMember

    Well I am still unsure what is going on with my betta. His tail still looks to be the same as when I posted the above photos. I've completed 2 treatments with the jungle fungus fizz tabs, each time performing a 25% WC. I have managed to get my Nitrates to go down to the 5-10ppm and my ammonia to stay at 0. I plan on trying to do 2 WC per week to keep my water parameters stable. Maybe this is just a bad tear in his fin and is going to take some time to heal?? Also I would like to mention that I do have 2 live plants in my aquarium as well as 1 silk plant, but unfortunately the live plants seem to be dying...

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